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Comment Re:Obviously fraud (Score 2) 132

> This is Slashdot - where the impulse is to find a way, howsoever ludicrous or convoluted, to excuse the engineers from fault.

The engineers aren't in charge.

There's like an entire corporate machine in place to ensure that a lone wolf can't through error or malice can't cause problems. Things like basic software development practices should ensure that bad/stupid things don't go unnoticed.

What are the practical requirements for implementing this "cheat" with a beaurocracy of this kind?

Comment Re:In other news (Score 4, Informative) 291

No. You just have a naieve and unrealistic idea of what war is or what war can be.

If we had CNN in the 40s we never would have been able to defeat Japan or Germany because of all of the bleeding hearts. Now THAT was real carnage. Nothing that the US does today is remotely comparable.

Comment Re:what's the problem? (Score 1) 137

> So when will Google and Apple be selling Fire products in their respective stores?

Neither of those have ever made any pretense about being a general store. Amazon is a bit like an online Walmart and should be treated much the same. The fact that you may be a fan of Amazon is no excuse to let them off easy.

Comment Re:Thaty's the wat to do it ... (Score 1) 256

...or you could just find something the kid likes to eat and not botch it.

It helps if you always set the expectation that the vegetable is not optional. By the time the kid goes off to school, it's already far too late to fix this. They will be like the hillbilly parents that object when do-gooers try to change the menu.

Comment Re:Thaty's the wat to do it ... (Score 1) 256

This is one aspect of this whole thing that gets overlooked.

It's not hard to cook vegetables properly but you have to care about what you are doing and pay attention. This is not something I would expect in any American institutional setting.

If the vegetables aren't cooked right, children will rightly have an instinctive aversion too them as they have become bitter and nutritionally worthless.

Comment Re:French cuisine (Score 1) 256

Snails are part of "haute cuisine".

Although they're not that bad really. They're just something that "sounds bad" and scare xenophobes.

They take on the taste of whatever sauce they're served with. Since a big part of French cooking is sauces, it's a good indicator of whether or not you will like the rest of what a restaurant is serving.

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