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Comment: Re:I can't ever work for IBM again .. (Score 1) 282

The fact that you can't ever work for IBM again is a feature, not a detractor. I spent 11 years there, 5 good ones and 6 bad ones. They're circling the drain anyway. I don't hold out much hope for them - once they finish their 2015 roadmap and hit their $20 EPS target, there will be nothing left but a shell.

Comment: Re:Even supporters should want to kill this thing (Score 0) 398

by jeauxkewl (#44496009) Attached to: Obamacare Exchanges Months Behind In Testing IT Data Security
This. A thousand times this. Since the mere passage of Obamacare without any actual introduction of features aside from kids on parents insurance through age 26, premiums have risen annually by double digit percentages, co-pays and prescription drug costs continue to rise while pay remains stagnant and all this happened when the risk pool should be better by having more (presumably young, healthy) people insured. I doubt you'll find anyone arguing against healthcare reform, but this is not the solution. The solution needs to be hammered out in the open instead of a fly-by-night bill that had to be passed before anyone could figure out what was in it.

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is still the only major carrier with a true Unlimited Data plan.

True, and as a Sprint customer, that means exactly jack shit. I have 3 phones on a family plan with unlimited data. The price would be fantastic IF we could get data to flow. 3G speed? Fail. 4G WIMAX (our phones are all WiMax models)? Fail. 4G LTE? According to the comments on this same article on the Houston Chronicle website today, FAIL. We started on Sprint when we were all on a family plan, thinking when the contract is up we're gonna have to cough up some cash and go back to blue or red, 'cause yellow isn't cutting it. It wouldn't matter if Sprint was GIVING unlimited data away, it's practically unusable.

Comment: Everything old.... (Score 5, Informative) 184

by jeauxkewl (#43939305) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Will IT Departments Look Like In 5 Years?
... is new again. I've been centralized and decentralized multiple times. I swear, some people make a good living pushing the beans back and forth across the table and declaring victory. There will always be economies of scale for centralization of shared services and there will always be techies with some level of intimacy with the business to support their applications and communicate requirements. The fact that self-service IT continues to grow simply reinforces the need for champions/advocates at the business level that help requesters pick and choose their products from a service catalog. At the end of the day, Joe User couldn't care less where his services reside.

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by jeauxkewl (#43855551) Attached to: Why Everyone Gets It Wrong About BYOD
I would mod this up if I had points. This came home to roost with me just this week. I started a contract gig for one of the O&G supermajors whose new contractor policy is BYOD and they use a vmware/mokafive VM to give you access. So here I am, doing the same work their employees are doing with powerful dedicated machines and multiple displays on my laptop running a Win7 VM on top of Win7 (see: splitting resources) because said company is too tight to provide tools to do the job. I guess it's not a problem if it takes me longer to read the fine print or manage issues as I'm on their very generous hourly rate but I'll be damned if I'm gonna drag my dock and 24" displays to the office. Sure, VM makes sense to them from a cost perspective (no capital for workstations) but the cost savings end there. Another clear case where bean counters rule.

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