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+ - What are the technological prospects for Cellular Automata ?

Submitted by jean-vivien
jean-vivien (1745674) writes "....I became fascinated with the topic when I discovered the Game of Life and since then I have been wondering how we could harness the emergent behaviors obtained by this family of algorithms.
        Some would use it for edge detection in images, or toolkits for image processing. And some would use it not for images, but for sounds which is kind of cool too.
        So what areas of research do you think are the most promising for combining CA's with other algorithms ? Does it have a part to play in currently hot AI fields like machine learning ?"

+ - Use cases of Arduino for a professional environment ?

Submitted by jean-vivien
jean-vivien (1745674) writes "Hello,

        as a general tech enthusiast, I recently discovered the existence of the Arduino platform. It seems to bring to the microcontroller world pretty much what Linux brought to the PC world.
        I was wondering if any of the Slashdot readers have ever leveraged the power and openness of the Arduino platform for professional use."

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