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Comment: Meanwhile in France (Score 1) 193

by jean-guy69 (#48507247) Attached to: Chromebooks Overtake iPads In US Education Market

Our president François Hollande made promises:
Starting September 2016, every highschooler will get a tablet beginning from the 5th grade (typically aged twelve)

Another promise, they will also learn to code.
Great .. but why give them a tablet and not some other device that would allow them to apply what they learnt..

We citizen are told again and again that there is no money, but there is money for buying gadgets..
We are going through the same mistakes that were done years ago in other countries...

2 years ago my son was 3 years old and beginning to go to school, and guess what was in the classroom ? A fracking interactive whiteboard. I have serious doubts about the educational benefits, especially for young childs. Of course teachers weren't even formed..

But, you know, our governments have no money..

Comment: Re:Keep dreaming (Score 2) 477

by jean-guy69 (#46714425) Attached to: New French Law Prohibits After-Hours Work Emails

One point that is not in the original Guardian article is that this is a proposal only, and a proposal that only applies to French companies that are part of the "Syntec" work agreement.

And it only applies to 200 000 workers whose worktime is not counted not in hours but in days (forfait jour), not one million..

That means they can work much more that 35 hours / week.

The limit being the labour law, ie: you must have rest period of at least 11 consecutive hours between each day of work and 35 consecutive hours each week. (so they can theorically work up to 88 hours in a week)
The modification to the agreement implies that during these mandatory rest periods the worker has to disconnect from work email, remote access.

Seems fair to me..

Comment: Re:The standards are published in English (Score 5, Interesting) 330

by jean-guy69 (#42837595) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do Most Programmers Understand the English Language?
As a french speaker I am ashamed at the poor level of english reading level of most people in IT, even after five years in college..
A true IT professional should be able to read technical documents in English, which is the de facto standard language for CS ..
One complaining about not being able to read English, needs to be told he'll be doing a great favor to himself by improving his english level.

+ - Starships powered by antimatter could approach the speed of light-> 3

Submitted by
techfun89 writes "With the increased focus on extrasolar planetary systems, there will be an increased focus on getting there to better look for sciences of life, even sentient life.

Recently, physicists Ronan Keane and Wei-Ming Zhang wrote a paper and studied on antimatter propulsion. Their latest results from computer simulators have shown that at least one key component in creating a working antimatter propulsion engine is that of highly efficient magnetic nozzles. Their studies have shown that these nozzles need to be efficient and that it is feasible to make them this way using our current technology.

Keane and Zhang also outlined how the particles would avoid a matter/antimatter annihilation as they exit the engine. Their technique relies on charged pions that result from proton-antiproton collisions. A nozzle that emits a strong magnetic field could channel the emitted charged particles into a focused stream of charged pions accelerating them to make an even stronger thrust.

Past calculations showed the nozzle's efficiency was only 36 percent, but Keane and Zhang redesigned the nozzles to be 85 percent efficient, making the a speed of around 70 percent the speed of light possible, given a pion exit speed of 80 percent of the speed of light. Such a speed gets us to Proxima Centauri 4.3 light years away in 6 years."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Precrime (Score 1) 402

by jean-guy69 (#39450733) Attached to: French President Proposes Jail For Terrorist Website Visitors
This is the latest of so many instances. Every time there is some news that has a strong echo, he creates some new oppressive law to please the far-rights voters..
This law reminds me of the precrime from Minority Report.. At least in the US FBI entraps the suspect before jailing him.
What's next in "Le pays des Droits de l'Homme" ? Jailing someone because a "Total Information Awareness"-like program consider him a terrorist-wanabee ? (he read the wrong book and regularly shops in ethnic grocery stores)

Comment: Re:Oh c'mon, why the outcry? (Score 2) 129

by jean-guy69 (#37314148) Attached to: Microsoft Training May Have Helped Tunisian Regime To Spy On Citizens
Fortunately not every corporation corrupts the iso process, not every corporation joins a standardization body while parallely setting a patent ambush.. So yes corporations can act differently;

I guess the morality of the executive leadership can affect the morality of the corporation's acts.
Sometimes the main shareholders are real humain beings with a conscience, which may affect their choices for the corporation.
Even if we accept the idea that every corporations are without conscience, they may a least be concerned and be affected by their customers perception of their acts.

If we excuse someone just because others did/do the same or worse, everything is excusable.

Money will say more in one moment than the most eloquent lover can in years.