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Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 1) 380

Exactly.. Expecting more from the food industry than from the tobacco industry would be naive.

They'll minimize negative consequences of their product as much as they can.

If they manage to make food as addictive as cigarettes they'll do it.
I they didn't reached this goal already they are working toward this...

Comment They can be exhausted (Score 1) 298

As they did a lot of work

Drone war: every attack in Pakistan visualised

41 men targeted but 1,147 people killed

Warriors they are not.. They are more like executioners..with dirtier hands..

And people giving them orders, from the POV of the population affected by drone strikes.. How are they different from terrorists ?

Comment Hadoop alternatives (Score 1) 100

Has anyone considered Joyent's Manta ?

This is a distributed object storage with integrated compute.
Data is stored on a cluster of SmartOS hosts..
And processed directly on each host inside a OS container (SmartOS zone), no data movement.

Lot of APIs available: R, command-line, python, ruby, node.js etc..

Available on their cloud and as a on-premises commercial product, opensourced last November (simulteanously with smartdatacenter).

Comment Re:Zoloft is a 1000 times worse (Score 1) 187

Like many other anti-depressant Zoloft is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor...

The other way to treat this is by increasing level of serotonin...

Seeds of Griffonia simplicifolia contain a lot of 5-HTP, a precursor of serotonin..

It's non-patentable so I guess it won't be as popular as patented psychotropic drugs anytime soon..

Comment Re:It's the cloud (Score 3, Interesting) 146

Yes, thanks to Joyent, who opensourced smartdatacenter the software they use to run their public cloud...

The hypervisor is SmartOS, it is based on Illumos (fork of opensolaris)..
It has ZFS, Dtrace, Zones (think virtualisation with bare metal performance), crossbow.. and KVM as they ported it..
You can run SmartOS instances inside Zones, and even Linux instances (by way of ABI translation), or any OS using KVM,
And even present you datacenter as an elastic docker host, as they implemented Docker API in SDC.. (sdc-docker aka Triton)

I'm currently evaluating it, so far I'm impressed..

Here are the github repository and the docs

Submission + - The data center as Docker host

jean-guy69 writes: Joyent just announced a new platform for docker deployment, where Docker containers are deployed into containers running directly on the hypervisor. They call it Triton.

They are using their own Illumos-derived distribution, SmartOS, which combines greatest features inherited from Solaris: ZFS, Zones, Dtrace, crossbow...

It run SmartOS containers and Linux containers (via ABI translation), alongside VMs (using their port of KVM), everything being encapsulated into Solaris Zones..

They claim to offer better performance by removing some virtualization layer (and because of the supposed superior performance of their SmartOS hypervisor), and better security because they use solaris Zones, crossbow network virtualization..

You can even use use Dtrace inside Linux Containers..

They implemented Docker API at the datacenter level (via their SmartDatacenter software they opensourced in 2014), the data center is seen as a single, elastic Docker host. Everything is opensource

A preview is available, on-premises or as an hosted service.

Are SmartOS and the solutions built on top of it hidden gems, wrongfully ignored because not being Linux ? A better platform to run Linux than Linux ?

Is this a breakthrough Docker-Wise ? Or an attempt of a niche-player to grab some attention ?

What are the comparable offers running on Linux ?

Comment Meanwhile in France (Score 1) 193

Our president François Hollande made promises:
Starting September 2016, every highschooler will get a tablet beginning from the 5th grade (typically aged twelve)

Another promise, they will also learn to code.
Great .. but why give them a tablet and not some other device that would allow them to apply what they learnt..

We citizen are told again and again that there is no money, but there is money for buying gadgets..
We are going through the same mistakes that were done years ago in other countries...

2 years ago my son was 3 years old and beginning to go to school, and guess what was in the classroom ? A fracking interactive whiteboard. I have serious doubts about the educational benefits, especially for young childs. Of course teachers weren't even formed..

But, you know, our governments have no money..

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