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You idiots also said that about TV's, music devices, homes etc...

No, they didn't.

But I'll say it right now: My house does not need to be on the Internet. My shoes do not need to be on the Internet.

Not this Internet, at least. Because every one of those connected "things" is going to require connecting to a web page to manage, and that web page is going to require you to create a profile, that is connected to your personal information. The Internet of Things is not designed for your benefit. Right now, in 2014, do you really need to be told that? Have you not noticed anything happening around you?

For a group of people who are supposed to be tech-savvy, a lot of techies really don't seem to get what the Internet is about. There is some fantasy from the 1980's that still seems to hang on in the minds of people. Maybe a fairy tale that is told from generation to generation. But it has nothing to do with the truth. That Internet we dreamed about decades ago never happened.

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I don't understand why this has been modded as a troll. He took the words right out of my mouth.

My "things" don't need to be on the internet. I like the Internet being in a neat compartment where I can go when I want it. I don't want it following me around.

Seriously, what the fuck is so attractive, I mean, given that the Internet has become pretty much a combination of a low-rent shopping mall and the equivalent of having your boss, your government and your phone company looking up your ass every minute of the day, about an internet of things? Have people really gotten that bored with life? Can you really not live one single minute without the illusion that your measly existence matters one bit to the universe?

Can anyone be so dense as to not be able to see what this "internet of things" is really all about? And here's a hint: It's not about making your life better. For fuck's sake.

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we are going down a road that violates the very tenets of our nation's forming.

Going??? It's well underway.

9/11 was the most spectacular win for the terrorists, because they more or less kicked the foundations out from Western society, and have helped to create the worst form of surveillance state you can imagine.

This is the Stasi, the KGB, J Edgar Hoover, McCarthy, and cyberpunk all rolled up into one festering mass of shit.

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or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort

Well, arguably these clowns have become the enemy of democracy, the Constitution, and the rights of pretty much every person on the planet.

No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

And, he's now confessed.

OK, fine, maybe it's not technically treason. But if the US isn't going to do some serious cleaning of house, it's only going to get FAR worse from here.

The rot at the upper levels of these agencies has created a mentality of "by any means necessary", and a complete indifference to the law.

If he just says "oops, sorry about that" and he and his subordinates aren't seriously punished, this shit will only get worse.

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Fine, waterboard the son of a bitch, get the truth out of him that way.

He seems to think it's OK for other people.

This man can no longer be trusted, and if he isn't prosecuted and jailed for what he's readily admitted, democracy in the US is fucked, and the rest of the world won't be far behind.

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You more or less have to assume the entire upper management of the CIA (and other TLAs) are all equally corrupted.

They've decided that the people overseeing them don't know what they're talking about, and taken matters into their own hands.

Treason indeed. And there's no way just one guy is responsible. The whole system has rotted into this.

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Jail isn't going to do any good unless you put the whole agency in jail.

OK, fine.

If there is no oversight, and I don't mean a FISA court whose job it is to say everything is rosy, then you can't have an agency like this.

Having the CIA directly lying to congress about their activities, and actively spying on the people who are supposed to oversee them is something straight out of fiction -- only it's no longer fiction, they're doing anything they please, and no longer accountable to anybody.

Fuck, hit them up with a RICO suit. Do ANYTHING.

What next, he'll go into private industry as a security consultant for corporations? Oh, wait ...

This is bloody scary. Neither Americans nor the rest of the world signed up for a fucking security agency which is no longer under anyone's control except people who feel they can do anything they want.

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It is. The next step would be for the Senate oversight committee to vote to refer the matter for prosecution. The question is whether they want to go down this road or not.

The way I see it, if they don't go for prosecution, they've more or less given these agencies carte blanche to violate the law, lie about it, and have no consequences.

Sorry, but I think this sounds like treason, or at the very least an indication that all of the assurances we've had that they're playing by the rules is a pile of shit.

So, the question of "do you spy on Americans?" "Are you in compliance with the law?" "Have you been using this information to make yourself rich?" -- every single thing they do pretty much must be distrusted.

Blatantly lying to Congress means they've reached a point where they don't give a shit.

This is madness.

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Fuck the apology. Put him in jail.

At this point there is no choice but to assume that when the CIA and NSA say they're in compliance with the law, they're bloody well lying.

When they're outright lying to the people who oversee them, they've become a criminal organization.


CIA Director Brennan Admits He Was Lying: CIA Really Did Spy On Congress 185

Posted by timothy
from the note-the-passive-voice-and-weasel-words dept.
Bruce66423 (1678196) writes with this story from the Guardian: The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, issued an extraordinary apology to leaders of the US Senate intelligence committee on Thursday, conceding that the agency employees spied on committee staff and reversing months of furious and public denials. Brennan acknowledged that an internal investigation had found agency security personnel transgressed a firewall set up on a CIA network, called RDINet, which allowed Senate committee investigators to review agency documents for their landmark inquiry into CIA torture." (Sen. Diane Feinstein was one of those vocally accusing the CIA of spying on Congress; Sen. Bernie Sanders has raised a similar question about the NSA.)

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It's disappointing to see that each eye is just 1/2 1080p because it uses a single 1080p phone display shared by both eyes.

Yo dawg, I hear you like specs ... I 'spec the specs for your specs aren't what you'd 'spec.

Just remember, just because the marketing department says something, doesn't mean carries the same meaning as you and I would assign to it.

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It's odd that people needed instructions on how to tape a filter to a fan?

Well, there was a market for a $1000 product ... apparently nobody else thought of it.

Yes, this is the low-tech solution, but if it works just as well as the expensive one ... it's a damned fine solution.

How have you made the world a better place this week?

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More like people were overpaying by thousands of dollars because until now none of them had the simple idea to duct tape a filter over a fan.

Well, he went as far as confirming he was getting the same particle counts.

His solution was remarkably simple and really cheap. He strapped a HEPA filter to a fan and quickly began to enjoy clean air. A particle counter he purchased confirmed the filter was effective.

He's not saying "I just invented something revolutionary", he's just sticking it to the people selling over prices kit.

And in my book, that gets applause.

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.