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Comment: Have you considered ATA Over Ethernet (AOE)? (Score 3, Interesting) 609

by jcwren (#32215464) Attached to: Best Solutions For Massive Home Hard Drive Storage?


This is something I've always wanted to play with. It's a little expensive (for a home user) to get into, but it's extremely scalable. If I moved all my DVDs and such to on-line storage, I think this is what I would opt for. It can be run in all sorts of RAID configurations, doesn't require matched sized hard drives, and it can all be racked up very nicely.

Comment: What really scares me is... (Score 1) 809

by jcwren (#30556190) Attached to: Man Tries To Use Explosive Device On US Flight

'In a stark departure from the typical passenger instructions issued prior to touchdown, the same attendant added, "Your federally trained flight attendants have taken control of the situation!" according to Mr. Rosenblith'

That scares me more than someone holding a dead-man switch on a hydrogen bomb.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." -- The Wizard Of Oz