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Submission Vote For a New Addition to the Star Trek Franchise

jcronen writes: Award-winning New York playwright Duncan Pflaster has pitched the idea for a new Trek spinoff entitled Leave It to Sulu for the New York Television Festival.

Leave It to Sulu is the story of Captain Hikaru Sulu's Starfleet sabbatical, during which he opens a bar down the street from Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco.

This will be the first Star Trek series set entirely on Earth in a non-military, non-Starfleet environment, and will be the first Trek series to feature a regular homosexual character. This idea is not, as yet, affiliated with Star Trek, George Takei, or any of the Roddenberries. Pflaster says, "Just an idea whose time has come."

You can vote for Pflaster by going to the NYTVF Pitch Contest site. Watch Pflaster's trailer by clicking on the "Duncan: Leave It to Sulu" link, then vote by using the voting widget on the right-hand side of the window. Finalists will receive a chance to pitch the show to a celebrity panel in New York for the chance to win an $8,000 pilot production deal.

Does anyone have any ideas for any other offbeat sci-fi franchise spin-offs? What would you like to see your favorite space cowboys doing in their time off?

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