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+ - Ask Slashdot: Best Laptop With Decent Linux Graphics Support? 4 4

jcreus writes: After struggling for some years with Nvidia cards (the laptop from which I am writing this has two graphic cards, an Intel one and Nvidia one, and is a holy mess [I still haven't been able to use the Nvidia card]) and, encouraged by Torvalds' middle finger speech, I've decided to ditch Nvidia for something better. I am expecting to buy another laptop and, this time, I'd like to get it right from the start. It would be interesting if it had decent graphics support and, in general, were Linux friendly. While I know Dell has released a Ubuntu laptop, it's way off-budget. My plan is to install Ubuntu, Kubuntu (or even Debian), with dual boot unfortunately required. Thanks in advance, Slashdot!

+ - Slashdot Newsletter Being Considered Spam By Gmail? 1 1

jcreus writes: Well, today I was reading my Gmail inbox when a spam message appeared; when I looked into it it appeared to be the Slashdot newsletter's headlines. The source seems to be the correct one (slashdot at newsletters dot slashdot dot org via, so maybe this is something Slashdot devs/team should look into?

+ - LibreOffice Developer Community is Healthy, an Infographic Shows->

jcreus writes: Ars Technica links to an infographic made by The Document Foundation showing that the LibreOffice developer community is healthy, displaying statistics such as new code commiters, corporate commits, unused code elimination (as we saw on Slashdot). I really wonder how is doing, but LibreOffice definitely seems the office suite of the future (at least free software).
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+ - Mozilla Firefox With New Release Cycle (and releas->

jcreus writes: Mozilla announced on January 10th that Firefox would be getting a new release cycle, creating an "Extended Support Release" (ESR), aimed at "enterprises, public institutions, universities and other organizations that centrally manage their Firefox deployments". An overview of this ESR in a graphical form can be found at their Wiki. Releases will be initially maintained for nine release cycles; basically, each ESR version will be released every 7 usual cycles (Firefox 10, 17, 24...). In related news, Firefox 10 has been released.
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+ - Ask Slashdot: Are paid mobile applications and fre

jcreus writes: Some time ago, I began writing applications for (mostly) Android, given the fact that it's free software and can be fun to play with. Right now, I got several ready, yet I got a problem. I'd like to sell the app, to see if I can get some bucks — but, at the same time, I'd like it to be free software (in accordance to my principles). Please note that I haven't planned it to publish it for iOS which doesn't allow free software. What is your experience on that? Do you think both things are compatible?

+ - Ask Slashdot: Tech-related Summer Camps For Teenag 2 2

jcreus writes: I am a teenager (aged 14, though turning 15 before summer), and I've recently been looking for summer camps in the USA. My interests include physics, mathematics (to a lesser extent) and computer science (I already know several programming languages). However, I haven't been able to find anything really exciting. The difficulties I've found include the fact that most are general-oriented, whereas I'm seeking something specific. Furthermore, some are USA-student-only (and I'm European), and most computer-science oriented camps seem to be for non-programmers. What is Slashdotters' experience on that?

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