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Comment Re:Speaking of crappy ads (paid posts) (Score 1) 192

Speaking of ads, SlashDot, what's with these brain-dead, demographic-curdling "paid posts" you're running?

What's more insidious is /. now logging me out at random, where the probability is about 50%. Often when I've clicked "preview" to make sure something I'm writing has the tags in place correctly. Instead of seeing just my preview, I get an ad-laden page with an amazing top banner ad that expands into a page-filling piece of crap advertising Fred Meyer, which has no visible way of getting away from it.

This is how /. "thanks" people for making the service great and "rewards" them for opting out of ads.

And the bastards did it again when I clicked "preview" for this posting.

Comment Re:quads brought noobs. (Score 1) 183

I don't think that owning a quad will make me become stupid. The craft is not the problem.

The problem is not quad copters making people stupid. Nobody said that someone with a lot of experience in other flight regimes is going to become a moron the day they light up their DJI. What IS the problem is that stupid people are buying and operating quad copters.

You're right, it's not the craft.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 2) 426

Actually, I think that something is about to give WRT oil exports. All of OPEC is losing money and the majority of them have already gone through their main savings and are now losing their back-up savings (i.e. gold, American T-bills, etc). Saudi Arabia would love to force American production out of business, but that is not going to happen. But, they want to increase the price, just like the rest of the OPEC does, while at the same time, not losing any % of market place. THe only way to have price increase is to have all producers esp. Russia cut their production. Russia is fighting that, but, with their now being involved in a 2 front war, they will likely be willing to cut production so as to increase their total dollars.

Comment Re:Please put the word "space" in quotes (Score 1) 104

The hard part here is NOT slowing down. Basically slowing down from 4 km or 100 km is simply a matter of more fuel. The hard part is:
1) landing under power.
2) landing under power on a set spot.
3) landing under power on a spot that is pitching, rolling, and yawing.

Blue Origin should be congratulated for doing the first. Of course, SpaceX not only did the first, but also the second. SpaceX has NOT managed to do #3.
BUT, in the end, BO will be flying regular commercial runs with stage reuse next year.

Comment Re:Its About Time (Score 1) 204

we went to universal studies 2 months ago due to this. Would have done disney save for this issue.
And I differ with you on this. I think that this lawsuit will lead to a flood of lawsuits against companies AND THE IMMIGRATION dept. That will stop this rather quickly.
Ideally, these lawyers suing disney will consider the idea of suing the board and executives for their moving from wages for the executives to stock options. The stock options encourage behavior like this which results in short-term gains, but fast destruction of the company. It would be a hard battle, but upon winning it, it would pretty much stop other companies from doing this same foolish behavior.

Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 1) 204

Because executives are no longer paid wages. ALL of their compensation comes in the form of stock options that are then sold at HUGE profits with little to no taxes.
The lawyers that are representing these employees will almost certainly win. I am hopeful that they will continue on and sue the board and executives for paying the executives in this fashion. By paying them with publically traded options, and not money, or ESOP stock, they encourage the executives to destroy the companies for short-term gains, which is NOT in the interest of the stock-holders or employees.
The first suit is an easy win. The above suit will be harder, but possible. At the same time, it would have a much larger impact on businesses around the world.

Comment Re:Sue / fine the IT services contractors (Score 1) 204

These disney ppl are almost certain to win this. It will mean massive lawsuits on the old companies. CONgress would have to write it in, that protects not just these companies, but the older companies along with the offshored companies. For any that attempt to vote for that, how long do you think that they would last in their seat?

Comment Re:Sue / fine the IT services contractors (Score 2) 204

And that is exactly why these disney ppl need to sue not just disney, but immigration. They have a responsibility to ENFORCE the WORDING AND MEANING of the law. They have not been, and continue to not, do so.
As such, I believe that upon disney ppl winning this lawsuit, that if they go after the feds, it will open a huge pipeline of lawsuits against the old companies, immigration, and maybe even companies like tata. Of course, the Indian companies will simply declare bankruptcy, but it will be no different than companies that put in place asbestos, and other items now considered danagerous.

Comment What idiocy (Score 3, Insightful) 300

Those who think they can skirt the law will find themselves facing some of the toughest penalties for firearms offences in this country," Grant said.

Indonesia executes people for simple drug trafficking.

Criminals don't really care about the law because there are two main types of criminals who commit serious crimes: the stupid ones who don't think about the consequences and the smart ones who are willing to take more extreme measures to stop people from holding them accountable.

The one consequence they do tend to fear is a swift death at the hands of a potential victim. That's why increasing the capacity of self-defense for the law-abiding is always a good thing. If an unarmed 6ft tall man gets gunned down trying to rob a 5"2 woman, who cares? He shouldn't have been trying to commit a violent felony. It's not that his life is worth less than her purse, but that when he chose to put her in fear of her life over her purse, he forfeited his right to live in that moment.

"You can't get very far in this world without your dossier being there first." -- Arthur Miller