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Comment: I think that they are making a mistake (Score 1) 115

by WindBourne (#48641487) Attached to: Tesla About To Start Battery-Swap Pilot Program
These should ONLY be in the service centers and the batteries should be for say 400 MPC. IOW, this is not to be used to fill up for local driving, but instead used for putting in long distance batteries so that you can take a vacation. With a battery that has say over 120 KWH, that first 30 min will still bring you up over 250-300 MPC, which is plenty long for extended driving.

Comment: Re: Well, duh (Score 1) 346

by WindBourne (#48640733) Attached to: The Dominant Life Form In the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots
Actually, there is.
Robots, actually androids, can be updated right away with any improvement. With humans, we have to undergo a generation cycle. Basically, look at speed of change of regular cars vs Tesla. Because of Tesla's heavy electronics manufacturing, new updates change it regularly, making the car newer and better, in a much faster way.

Comment: Re:One number to breach them all (Score 1) 76

by WindBourne (#48640247) Attached to: Staples: Breach May Have Affected 1.16 Million Customers' Cards
Yes, they CAN go if people would SUE.
I make a habit to never put my CC in stores that run windows or that outsource to India, or any nation where the coders are paid a pitance of western coders. As such, I have not had my CC's stolen.
People need to put together mass lawsuits against companies and their CEO/CIO personally. Once that starts happening, then and only then, will things change.
Even here, it would be nice to see a lawyer step up and state that they are willing to do a class action against these companies.

Comment: Why? It would not matter. (Score 1) 76

by WindBourne (#48640225) Attached to: Staples: Breach May Have Affected 1.16 Million Customers' Cards
Look, the problem here is that ALL OF THESE COMPANIES THAT WERE CRACKED have 3 things in common:
1) they run windows.
2) they outsourced to India.
3) the company is not allowed to operate in India.

Basically, Indians are being bought off to leave backdoors on the production system.

Comment: Re:Staples outsourcing prime factor in PCI breache (Score 2) 76

by WindBourne (#48640213) Attached to: Staples: Breach May Have Affected 1.16 Million Customers' Cards
The problem is, that they are no different than any of the others that have been cracked. Every last one of them is running windows and have outsourced to India. Now, 30 years ago, when considering security clearences, payrolls were looked at. Why? Because if somebody was on clearence and had too low of a salary, they could be bought.
Well, the Indian coders are paid less than $10K / year back in India. All it takes is somebody from china, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, etc to offer just ONE of them 100k (or 10 years worth of their salaries) to release a bug in the production systems. Of course, it is happening.
This is how and why these companies are getting cracked. What is really needed is for customers and banks to SUE these companies, and NOW. And not just the company, but the CIO and CEO for putting their data at this much risk. Once CEO/CIOs are looking being held personally responsible for their actions, well, things will change.
Issue solved.

Comment: Re:Gawd, I love that man (Score 1) 86

by mcgrew (#48634665) Attached to: Dick "Smitty" Cheney

Your experience was much different than mine. I was in college when Carter was President, and he stopped food stamp benefits for poor college kids. I often went hungry. I'd voted for him, voted against his reelection.

Under Reagan I worked for Disney. Reagan slashed the capital gains tax, which unleashed an orgy of hostile corporate takeovers, one of which was unleashed on my employer, who took a big financial hit from its defense and cut everyone's hours. I had trouble paying my bills for a while. There were hundreds, perhaps thousands, of these hostile takeovers and takeover attempts. Of course, a recession followed this but none of the pundits connected the dots and they treated Reagan like a demigod.

We moved back to Illinois when Leila was born, and it took well over a year to find a job. Thanks for the recession, Ronnie.

I got a job finally, in 1987, but half the people I knew were looking for work until the nineties. That was Reagan's fault, but Bush did nothing to alleviate the situation.

There was something about Clinton I just didn't like; he came across as a sleaze and I think I voted Libertarian that election, I don't really remember, but it wasn't a vote for Clinton.

I was wrong about him; he put 100,000 new cops on the street, and my crime-ridden neighborhood got a neighborhood cop and crime plummeted. He signed PWORA which ended generational welfare. I voted for his reelection.

As to Bush II, can you name a single positive thing he accomplished? I can't.

As to Obama, my opinion of his mediocre President went up a little when he started opening Cuba; it's long overdue. We've had relations with China and Russia for years, it should have happened when the Berlin Wall came down and the USSR split up.

Comment: The federal government has no jurisdiction (Score 0) 453

by MikeRT (#48632503) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot

What Colorado does inside their borders is their business unless it violates an enumerated power. The Supreme Court can, and will, say whatever it wants on the matter, but the fact is that interstate commerce doesn't apply to marijuana that is bought, sold and used within a state's borders. If Texas wants to authorize the manufacture and sale to Texas residents fully automatic weapons with grenade launchers, the ATF cannot constitutionally stop them either. If California wants to legalize ritual mutilation of unborn kids at abortion clinics, that's their right as well. Interstate commerce does not apply.

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