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Comment: Re:Boost price vs expansion price (Score 1) 253

by jcoleman (#46345437) Attached to: Blizzard To Sell Level 90 <em>WoW</em> Characters For $60
Battlechest ($20) + Mists of Pandaria ($40 now, maybe $20 when WoD arrives) + Warlords of Draenor ($40) = $100. Then you will need to transfer your character to your main account unless you want to pay $15/month. This is another $25. $125 vs $60. Most people using this feature will be hard-core players whose raiding guild needs another class but doesn't want to recruit, or people who want to try out another class at max level but CBA to level it (levelling from 1-90 is still no small task, generally taking 40-50 hours unless you are one of the top levelers. Not to mention that once you've seen it 5-6 times it's a little repetitive)

Startup Offers Pre-Built Biological Parts 71

Posted by kdawson
from the we-can-assemble-it-for-you-wholesale dept.
TechReviewAl writes "A new startup called Ginkgo BioWorks hopes to make synthetic-biology simpler than ever by assembling biological parts, such as strings of specific genes, for industry and academic scientists. While companies already exist to synthesize pieces of DNA, Ginkgo assembles synthesized pieces of DNA to create functional genetic pathways. (Assembling specific genes into long pieces of DNA is much cheaper than synthesizing that long piece from scratch.) Company cofounder Tom Knight, also a research scientist at MIT, says: 'I'm interested in transitioning biology from being sort of a craft, where every time you do something it's done slightly differently, often in ad hoc ways, to an engineering discipline with standardized methods of arranging information and standardized sets of parts that you can assemble to do things.'"

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There is no such thing as "good formal requirements gathering." You are right that the owner does not understand his employees' day-to-day problems...but you need to go one step further and recognize that the employees don't understand them either. They won't know what they want until they see your interpretation of what it is they think they want. Rapid development/prototyping needs to be one of your essential tools. You really need to take a look at the agile manifesto and negotiate this type of relationship in order to be successful as an independent developer. It's not the document that will win him, it's the shippable product increment he gets along with the bill.

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