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Comment: every gym should have one (Score 2) 134

by jclaer (#45451503) Attached to: 12-Lead Clinical ECG Design Open Sourced; Supports Tablets, Too

I lost a son, age 25, to sudden cardiac arrest. He left the gym, died a half hour later in his office. We thought he was the healthiest one in the family. Every gym should have an EKG machine as well as an AED. I hope you never learn what I know --- no loss exceeds losing a child. Search for Jos Claerbout

Comment: wikipedia wants sources from paper media! (Score 1) 385

by jclaer (#35673718) Attached to: Wikipedia Wants More Contributions From Academics

Their editors consider valid sources to be paper media, not the web itself, not my free on-line text books, so I stopped contributing.
I thought I'd provide a few obscure lines of freshman calculus often used in predicting "peak oil" but they didn't want "original research".

Are we running light with overbyte?