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Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 619

Have you ever posted to the LKML recently ? I do. And I can assure you this is actually a stress to get something right on it without getting attacked for nothing or completely ignored. The LKML was no so extreme 15 years ago. Shara was absolutely right to react to the abusive attitude. And yes a professional attitude require that you control your emotion. Only peoples that abuse of there position can lost control without consequences.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 2) 619

I can assure you that Shara code is fine, just read it, it's open source.
I also share the view that too many maintainers are brutal for nothing, and unable to express there view in a professional way.

I experienced this no later than last week with 2 very simple patches after reporting 2 bugs. The first was minor but a developers asked me to submit a patch and that started a fight between two others developers. The second one is critical. I proposed a patch that was no view as acceptable, so i do a better one with many others proposals. I got a brutal reject without any hint on how to solve the problem. The bug will probably stay for years, since it's already affect almost any kernel since years.

So yes the LKML is a toxic place where it's really not fun to post an contribute.

Comment Re:Hmmmm (Score 1) 619

Shara reaction was perfectly normal to the completely abusive Linus brutality. I myself got last week a brutal response from a Linux maintainer for futile reason that started a fight with two developers. Now the patch is ok and so there don't even merge it or talk about it. Also last week I submitted patch to fix a catastrophic kernel crash that complete hang the system and that affect almost every kernel since years and, I get only two rejections and no hint at all on how to properly fix it after proposed many different approach.

It's now a strange insupportable attack or ignore place. The kernel wasn't like that 15 years ago.

Comment Re:Can't Take the Heat........? (Score 1) 619

Most of the time when someone ask comment on an approach on a Open Source project he got no useful response. Later when he submit his patches he got brutal responses. It's the "let's the other do a mistake to show my power" scenario. It's only a hidden way to conserve leadership, even if it's unconscious.

Comment Re:Can't Take the Heat........? (Score 3, Interesting) 619

I agree.

Shara himself wrote that the same people act nicely in person. It's the most interesting point: why someone can be nice with someone else in person and brutal with the same person on a open mailing list ? It inconsistent and probably a sign of immaturity.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 619

Exactly. And it's not only in a professional environment. There is a lot of situations in society and family that require to have some emotional control. Ironically most modern society have the biggest difficulties to pass the messages from a generation to next one. Maybe different humans need different experience without emotional control to understand why it's so important to have it. I used to think that's something we all learned while we was children. I now think I was wrong.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 619

I am sorry to say that Linus is completely wrong on this. He was always the uncontested leader of the project since almost a quarter of century, making her unable to understand the point of view of peoples not close to his position. I am as old as Linus, I also sitting in my home office (somethime) wearign a bathrobe. This don't allow me to expose any of my emotions to my professional contacts. Inability to communicate a disagreement without harsh words is immature and unprofessional. Linus has simply no one he respect enough to accept a limit on how he communicate. If I do the same, I will lost all my clients.

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