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Comment Re:Possible Resolution for Sound Issues (Score 1) 93

I'm having some sort of video corruption (audio is fine for me). It seems to be related to whenever there is a full motion video playing. It causes black boxes to cover up the various menus, etc. My only option is to restart the game. I'm running x64 mint. Maybe it's some sort of mesa bug. I've set every video option to the lowest settings, but it still happens. The intro video does not play and I have to hit ESC to go by it (it just stays on the blue Steam screen) I hear the audio play from the video. Anyone else see this?

Comment Re:Don't waste your time with GNOME 3.6 (Score 5, Informative) 230

You post should be reworded:

Attention all linux users: This is the solution you have been looking for!

I installed it 10 minutes after seeing your post. This is what you have been looking for if you want a linux workstation again. I've been using XFCE4 for a year or so. Mate worked correctly on top of ubuntu 12.04. It has the polish that Andy Hertzfeld put into nautlius. The original look and feel is back. It's really excellent. This is the bar to start from.

Comment Every man has his breaking point. (Score 1) 593

Well, you see Willard... In this war, things get confused out there, power, ideals, the old morality, practical military necessity. But out there with these natives it must be a temptation to be god. Because there's a conflict in every human heart, between the rational and the irrational, between good and evil. And good does not always triumph. Sometimes the dark side overcomes what Lincoln called the better angels of our nature. Every man has got a breaking point. You and I have one. Walter Kurtz has reached his. And very obviously, he has gone insane.

Comment has unlimited bandwidth (Score 3, Informative) 225

This is a shameless self promotion! offers free bandwidth.

You could just spin up a Droplet (virtual server) on and not have any worries about the banwidth transfer as we provide free bandwidth.

The reason we're able to offer this is we don't allow adult content or users to run their own CDN but you're in the clear on both accounts.

Depending on the number of cores and RAM you need this would run you probably $100-150/mo.

(Jeff -- Chief Architect)

Comment Re:Manan Kakkar could be less of an idiot (Score 2) 582

> Google was already exposed last year by Chinese hackers.

Yes! We are all very thankful to those hackers for exposing the secret agreements between Google and the Government that provide access to various email accounts. It is an important fundamental right as citizens to be aware of the workings of our governments. When these governments are corrupted by corporate influence there is no turning back. That is why, I hope all of us will do the right thing now. For the sake of our internet, and our way of life, I suggest we get the rest of us after them. In peace and freedom from fear, and in true health, through the purity and essence of our natural fluids.

Comment whois still says (godaddy) for me (Score 1) 279

They didn't just transfer to one of the godaddy resellers did they? is just a godaddy reseller. I'll assume the best and the records just didn't update yet.

Whois Server Version 2.0

      Domain Name: IMGUR.COM
      Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
      Whois Server:
      Referral URL:
      Name Server: NS.VOXEL.NET
      Name Server: NS2.VOXEL.NET
      Name Server: NS3.VOXEL.NET
      Status: ok
      Updated Date: 28-dec-2011
      Creation Date: 09-jan-2009
      Expiration Date: 09-jan-2015

Comment Re:The critics are always the loudest (Score 1) 378

+1 This guy.

There seems to be some sort of scorched earth policy with regards to prior behavior. It's as if the rewrite to version 3 was really: "You are no longer allowed to have things look or work they way you want". If this new rewrite is so fancy and powerful, then why can't it trivially emulate the old look and feel?

The GNOME user interface has been very good since around 2000. (Nautilus was designed by Hertzfeld.) This "forward" looking direction feels like windowmaker. I think that GNOME should treat the UI much like kernel developers treat kernel interfaces. They are public interfaces that have to be supported for a long time.

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!