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Comment: WARNING (Score 3, Funny) 208

by jbuck (#34173992) Attached to: Pee On Your Phone STD Test
This may be a fake article... I just tried it with my HTC Droid Incredible and I can report that it does NOT work as TFA title advertised. In fact, my screen is kinda blanking out now. Does my phone need to be rooted or something?


related note: Used HTC Inc for sale. Froyo. Almost like new. almost. Cheap!


+ - A new threat is heading for American families-> 5

Submitted by uswgo
uswgo (1694140) writes "A new threat has been emerged to American families and even parents according to a testimony by Patience Summers on Dr Shirley Moore’s show, Justice4Us. The 2 hour episode titled Stop the Foreclosure’s Now that aired on October 29 2010, had a woman by the name of Patience Summers that was calling in at around 50:00 into the show, was told by Dr. Shirley Moore to talk about the new National Child Protective Services (CPS) database system which is going to further allow CPS into not just all sorts of private information on each family that gets in any kind of commotion with CPS but also a system that is vulnerable to easy hacking. Also according to more research through documents notes and info added from papers into Famlink is suppose to be destroyed after the information is properly added which means CPS can easily lie about parents and there will be no real evidence to back up claims by CPS. This can mean that under digital decree CPS can have more extensive abilities and digital records they manage to find any excuse they can deem to snatch children away from healthy and good family, and even families with political views that the U.S. Government deems as “Dangerous”.

Also with how corrupt CPS has been getting it is very easy for the Federal Government to forge documents and records in order to criminalize dissidents and take their children away. One of these examples of John Irish and his wife losing their child over simply belonging to a Oath Keepers discussion board. Although the Irish family managed to get their baby back after the court admitted defeat they aren’t the only family to be persecuted by CPS.

Now What is famlink? Well through searching through many bits and pieces the U.S. Government forgot to cover-up (Save the documents while you can!) I was able to start putting together the pieces of what FamLink is."

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Comment: Re:Why do the complicated expensive solution? (Score 2, Interesting) 870

by jbuck (#33570476) Attached to: Preventing Networked Gizmo Use During Exams?
"...a single sheet of paper [with] whatever [you] wanted on it, no matter how big or small..."

I had a high school physics class like that. I used my Mac LC with an ImageWriter II to print the page in Magenta, then I overprinted a 2nd page in Cyan. I brought the double printed page and a pair of those comic book 3D glasses - one red lens one blue to the test. It worked perfectly except that I couldn't use it! I got a few points credit for creativity and in the end, I had spent so much time creating the note page that the info was burned into my retinas. Well, half on my right retina, half on my left. I did just fine on the test- i think the creativity credit put me at 101%. Good times.


+ - Wesley Snipes Was Almost Geordi La Forge

Submitted by
jbuck writes "Wesley Snipes Was Almost Geordi La Forge, and Other Star Trek: TNG Casting Fun. In a strong argument for the existence of alternate realities, according to this purported 1987 Star Trek: The Next Generation casting sheet Wesley Snipes was once a front-runner to play Geordi La Forge.

From the article: "The above actors will be brought in to read for Gene Roddenberry starting next week however, Patrick Bauchau did come in and read for Gene today for the Role of "Picard". His reading was well recieved; He and Partick Stewart seem to be favorites for the role of "Picard"...

UPDATE: As for authenticity, LeVar Burton himself (!) confirms:"

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