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Comment: Some combination of both would be nice... (Score 1) 429

by jbreckman (#27297047) Attached to: Universal Remote's Days Are Numbered
The problem with remotes is that they don't give the user any context. A smartphone as a remote could solve this very nicely.

Imagine an app that could let you view stills/descriptions/scheduling of all shows on right now on your iPhone. You could scroll through them. Maybe read reviews of them on your phone. Interact with it like you'd interact with any other app. When you are ready, you just press a button and your cable box tunes to it.

Imagine DVDs that could display meta information about what you were watching on your phone while you were watching it. (If that interested you).

Imagine if your TV/movie paused automatically when you got a phone call

One person could watch a show, while the other person see's what else is on without interrupting the display.

What functions do remotes provide anyway? It's pretty much selecting channels, managing volume, selecting devices, managing the DVR and turning it on and off.

As for the lack of physical buttons on touchscreens - the iPhone already has a volume button. Who's to say that it can't someday control the volume of an entertainment system it is synced to. Or have it's power button affect the tv instead of the phone. (Give you two options of things to turn off).

Everything else you do with a TV, a touchscreen would be MUCH better suited for.

Comment: Re:Not a chance (Score 1) 600

by jbreckman (#24980529) Attached to: Best Buy + Windows Guru = Apple Store Experience?

I was at an Apple store looking to buy Logic Express 8 (which I love), and was talking to an employee about the stuff I would be missing by not having Logic Studio 8.

It was a $300 difference and I only really wanted 10% of the added stuff that Studio had, so I said "Hey, is there a way to just get that one plug-in pack?"

The response? "No... you could always just go find a torrent with it and download that"

I was very impressed :)


+ - Girl faces year in prison for 20 second film clip

Submitted by PizzaFace
PizzaFace (593587) writes "It's Jhannet's 19th birthday, so her boyfriend borrows a camcorder to memorialize the occasion, and they head to the mall. They goof around, recording each other and the Chick-fil-A cows in the food court, then decide to catch the Transformers matinee, which started a few minutes earlier. During a big action scene, Jhannet takes the camcorder and records a 20-second clip to show her little brother. A few minutes later, cops who were called by the manager come in with flashlights, arrest Jhannet, confiscate the camcorder, and, at the behest of Regal Cinemas, charge her with film piracy. "I was terrified," said Jhannet. "I was crying. I've never been in trouble before." If convicted, she could be sentenced to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine. The police say they lack discretion because Regal Cinemas chose to prosecute: "They were the victim in this case, and they felt strongly enough about it." The National Association of Theatre Owners supports Regal's "zero-tolerance" prosecution standard: "We cannot educate theater managers to be judges and juries in what is acceptable. Theater managers cannot distinguish between good and bad stealing.""

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