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+ - iowaconsumercase archive disappered

Submitted by jbrax
jbrax (315669) writes "Microsoft's dirty tricks archive seems to have vanished.

The Register: Plaintiffs maintained a website at, which included daily media updates, full transcripts of the previous day's proceedings, and an archive of some 2,000 exhibits of alleged misdeeds going back to the 1980s.

The website is now password-protected. Microsoft's own archive of exhibits and transcripts has similarly disappeared. Microsoft maintains a comprehensive record of its antitrust proceedings, making Comes a notable absence.
Technology (Apple)

+ - Greenpeace wants a greener Apple

Submitted by jbrax
jbrax (315669) writes "Environmental organization Greenpeace have started a campaign suggesting that Apple fans should demand a new, cool product: a greener Apple. They say that environmentally Apple is lagging behind both Dell and HP, who have both promised to start removing toxic chemicals from their products. HP and Dell have also much better global take back programs than Apple."

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