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Comment: Re: I guess I dodged a bullet (Score 1) 404

by jbonik (#22547242) Attached to: Internet Pranks in Schools
Y'know, I did something similar to my stepdad when I was living with my parents. Using Gimp, I took a screenshot of the desktop, set the image to be the desktop. Then move all the icons on the desktop to a new position, take another screenshot and set it again as the desktop background. (This works best if you set it so your icons do no Align To Grid.) Rinse and repeat like 50 times. Each time, a new set of pictures of icons that don't work will be on the desktop, along with a little inert taskbar on the bottom. (Initially, covered by the real taskbar). When all finished, move all the real icons off the desktop and minimize the size of the taskbar and shift it to one of the sides of the screen.

The result is that it looks like there are a huge number of icons on the desktop and yet none of them work. Also, there will be a little taskbar at the bottom that does nothing. Took them forever to figure that one out =)

The Courts

+ - Court orders Bush admin to disclose telecom ties->

Submitted by rgiskard01
rgiskard01 (1117515) writes "From Glenn Greenwald at, "The Electronic Frontier Foundation has won another significant legal battle, as a federal judge in California yesterday ordered the Bush administration (.pdf) to comply with EFF's FOIA demand and disclose documents revealing its "communications with telecommunications carriers and members of Congress" regarding efforts to amend FISA and provide amnesty to telecoms."
Court Order:"

Link to Original Source
The Courts

+ - EFF Wins FOIA Battle Over Telecom Lobbying

Submitted by jbonik
jbonik (905579) writes "A California judge has ordered the disclosure of records of meetings between people in the Bush administration and lobbyists working on behalf of the telecom industry. The records, which must be made available by Decemeber 10th, will pertain to industry input on efforts to update FISA and provide legal immunity to the telecoms."

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