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Comment: Re:Irony and Science (Score 1) 1057

by jberryman (#28499943) Attached to: EPA Quashed Report Skeptical of Global Warming

While the author does cite a number of actual scientific reports, the text quoted here and the failure to consider the entire constellation of improvements wrought by technology over the last century render his entire report ridiculous.

Even ignoring improvements in medical technology, mean lifespan is probably the most useless single statistic I can think of. The fact of infant mortality is enough to throw that entire argument in the garbage. *facepalm*

Comment: Re:it still baffles me (Score 1) 94

by jberryman (#27079957) Attached to: EFF Launches Surveillance Self-Defense Site

Um, keeping data private across a wire is a solved problem: public key encryption. And if, further, you don't want someone to see where your packets are going you can use TOR.

People need to be educated about how the internet works, but there is no reason you can't communicate privately if you want to.

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