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Comment: How do you fix that (Score 1) 593

You can't just fire white males and replace them with female and minority ethnicities, and if the majority of people applying for a positions are white males you cant fix this imbalance without breaking employment laws. In a large international corporation If 5% of interview job applicants are female then around 5% of those hired should be female, if 50% of those hired are female, then that company is obviously discriminating against applicants based on gender and should be sued our fined for breaking employment laws. Knowing ethnicity and gender ratios of a companies employee base with out knowing the ratio of their applicant base is pointless. A companies goal should to get their employee base ethnicity/gender ratio to match the ratio of their applicants. If their ratios match and there is still a huge imbalance then the problem is with their hiring practices but within the education system

Comment: Re: Except nobodies doing that (Score 1) 323

by jbee02 (#47063227) Attached to: Rising Sea Level Could Put East Coast Nuclear Plants At Risk
But when it come to net energy gain (usable energy minus energy spent on generate/capture it, on facility maintinence, and to transport it) wind is by far superior. Out of all available energy sources, wind has the highest net energy while nuclear has the lowest. Nuclear power plants have a limited life span before they have to be decomisioned. They are extremely expensive to decomision and there is no economicaly feasable way to do it. Thats why their net energy is so low. Forget all concerns about the saftey of nuclear power. It for reasons purely economical that we should be going away from nuclear power.

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by jbee02 (#46321211) Attached to: UAE Clerics' Fatwa Forbids Muslims From Traveling To Mars
If i decide to make a one way trip to europe and never return thats not suicide thats retirement, granted a trip mars might not have shorter lifespan due to a lack of fully staffed and equipped medical facility. But packing enough food for a life time is feasible. There no reason you cant live a long life mars

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