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Comment: Re:We need a US base in the Ukraine (Score 1) 623

by jbburks (#46516459) Attached to: Russian Army Spetsnaz Units Arrested Operating In Ukraine
And this is the endgame of all of the 'nuclear free' 'disarmament' talks. Ukraine relied on the treaty, signed by the US, UK and Russia to keep them safe and independent. Russia is violating it. The US and UK are doing nothing concrete to stop it. Do you think for one moment Russia would have invaded if Ukraine were still a nuclear power?

Comment: Re:purchase time (Score 1) 405

by jbburks (#46512881) Attached to: Paris Bans Half of All Cars On the Road
As usual, this affects 80% of the people (who can only afford one car/person) severely. And the 1% won't even feel it, as they have either a stable of cars or the ability to call a black car service who will come with a car to take them wherever they want. The real solution is fewer people, but no one wants to look at that.

Comment: Bad math and bad economics (Score 1) 296

by jbburks (#45673923) Attached to: Six Electric Cars Can Power an Office Building
Does anyone else see a problem with their math?

The headline indicates that six Leaf cars can power the building. Later they say the scheme reduced peak power load by 2%. Doesn't that indicate it would take 6*50, or 300 Leaf cars to power the whole building.

This sort of fuzzy math makes me doubt most of the solar and wind claims.

Another post is heavily in favor of net-metering, where the utility pays you the same rate per KWH as they sell it to you. That's bad economics. That means you can buy power at peak periods and have them buy from you at off-peak. You're asking them to be your energy storage source at no cost. If everyone did that, the utility would go broke trying to keep generator plants available (at zero cost) for when the sun doesn't shine or there's a hot day with a large air conditioning load.

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