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+ - Scientists studying mutations in MRSA strain->

Submitted by jb.cancer
jb.cancer (905806) writes "Scientists at Rockefeller University are studying mutations of a Multi-drug resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) strain in an unnamed victim. The bug has been tracked over a 12 week period during which the genetic mutations under influence of antibiotics were studied. Scientists hope to understand the underlying mechanism used by such microbes to evade drugs.

The story from BBC is here.

One wonders if multi-drug resistant microbes or a new class of antibiotics will have first strike in this bio-war."

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+ - US -Saudi arms deal->

Submitted by jb.cancer
jb.cancer (905806) writes "The US it seems is preparing for major arms deal with Saudi Arabia. This includes missile systems and fighter jets. The stated purpose is along the lines of countering Iranian military strength.

Well it could be called paranoia, but the last time the US supplied an anti-Iran country with weapons things didn't turn out quite well for the recipient a decade or two down the line. Now Osama and family are from Saudi Arabia, which sounds like a good enough reason (provided the place has enough oil to attract the right people) to..."

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+ - Amsterdam Airport Deploys Body-Scanning Machines

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jb.cancer (905806) writes ",1895,2130462, p is an article on the next wave of security measures at airports. "Amsterdam's Schiphol airport began using new body-scanning machines at security checkpoints on Tuesday, the first major airport to use the technology to find metals and explosives hidden under clothing." The scanners use radio waves to scan people and images are viewed by security personnel and deleted soon after. The radio waves are said to be "harmless" and a much better "privacy" option to hand-frisking."

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