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So what's up with Multiply?

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  • I'm out of the loop... what is multiply?
  • by Tet (2721)
    I find it's quite frequently down for maintainence in the early hours of the morning (European time). There really isn't an excuse for that. It's not hard to keep a web site up and available. But apparently the Multiply guys can't manage it.
    • by kesuki (321456)
      running a site with loads of bloggers isnt as easy as it seems, the database sizes grow to astronomical sizes... slashdot has a whole server farm, and they split the db onto multiple servers which makes for some pretty complex server gymnastics. furthermore, much of the db (at least the past month if not 2 months) has to be stored in ram, with HDS as a fallback only... slashdot is using a similar concept to what google does, having spare servers ready to take up the role of any individual machine that fail
      • by Tet (2721)
        running a site with loads of bloggers isnt as easy as it seems

        Well, I confess I haven't done it personally. I have, however, run some fairly large sites in other market sectors, with multiple reasonably large databases on the back end. Yes, running replicated databases on multiple servers has its problems, but they're not insurmountable and downtime really shouldn't be necessary, and certainly not on the scale the multiply seems to experience.

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