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Comment Re: Hoax (Score 1) 718

Bush, Rubio, and Kasich are not loons. They are basically the same as Hillary on all except the "wedge" issues. They are plain-Jane centrist establishment candidates, just like Hillary. On the Democratic side, Sanders polls better against any of the Republican candidates than Hillary. She's not popular. But she's the only establishment candidate that the Democrats have. She'll get the straight-column voters on election day, but will have a hard time convincing a majority of more thoughtful people - or firing people up enough loyal people to actually come out and pull the lever. Sanders fires people up, no question about it. As the populist candidate, I wouldn't count him out just yet. Trump will have trouble getting past the nominating convention even if he wins a plurality of delegates. Between superdelegates and pooling of other candidates' delegates, I doubt he could secure the nomination.

But who am I? LOL.

Comment Re:Its always been like this (Score 1) 347

Ah. So you're the kind of guy who thought Jodie Foster was the heroine in Elysium ?

Most of the heavy lifting around easing absolute poverty was done before the '80s and the cancer of neoliberalism had started to take hold. It's been hit and miss since then, increasingly more miss than hit.

The living standards of the western world for the last few decades have been sustained by ever increasing debt while all the wealth has been concentrated to a few.

The debt machine is nearly tapped out though. The world is drowning in it. Some countries are already dabbling with negative interest rates. We'll start to see more last-ditch efforts to confiscate what little the normal people still have through bank bail-ins and such in the coming decade.

Presumably once the process is complete and a handful of elites own nearly everything, people like you might accept that increasing inequality can actually constitute a problem. But the only solution then is going to be war or genocide.

Ultimately, the average person has been getting screwed the "freer the market"[0] gets. Because "the freer the market gets", the more influence over it the selfish, the greedy and the psychopaths have and the less control the people have over it, through laws.

[0] A moronic statement anyway. The only free market is one without rules. Anything else is someone arguing their pet ideology. Ie: it's a religious statement.

Comment Re:Its always been like this (Score 2) 347

You're an idiot. Look at north and south korea. Look at east and west germany before unification.

Look at inequality steadily increasing as more and more regulations are removed...

The freer the market, the better off the average person gets.

This is a religious statement. (And is demonstrably false anyway. Wages for the average person have gone nowhere in decades.)

Comment Re: Hoax (Score 3, Interesting) 718

Hilary will win.

Trump doesn't really want it (he's only there for his ego), the rest of the Republican candidates are loons and the establishment won't allow Sanders (even though he'd be the best thing for America in more than half a century).

On the miracle Sanders does somehow make it through to nomination, he'll be lucky to survive to election day.

(Disclaimer: I am not an American. Purely watching from the outside in.)

Comment Re:Let's get real (Score 1) 256

Agreed. But it would be impossible to take out the US submarine (and probably ballistic missile) capability with car bombs - even if you had an unlimited number of them with no danger of discovery. Thus, your country would still be destroyed completely. North Korea, of course, does not have unlimited numbers of these bombs and if they did, more bombs means more likelihood of discovery. So while a car bomb nuke is enough to cause quite a bit of terror and carnage, it would certainly not win a war.

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