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Comment Re: Worst of both worlds (Score 4, Informative) 92 92

I seriously doubt that. I only have global sales number, not US specific, but there are many online retailers that are larger. Newegg had around $2.7 billion in revenue in 2013. The same year Amazon had $68 billion, Apple had $18 billion, Staples and Walmart both had around $10 billion in online sales. Sears (a company that every talks about as dieing) and QVC (yes the website for that crappy home marketing TV station) both had nearly $5 billion in revenue. Even among consumer electronics CDW and Best Buy had more online sales at over $3 billion each. And again, while these are global numbers, most of those companies are US based, with strong US sales.

Newegg is one of hundreds of online retailers of simular size. While it is a great company, it's adoption of bitcoin is by no means an indication that something has gone mainstream.

Source: http://www.wsj.com/news/intera...

Comment That may well be what happens (Score 1) 179 179

Which is why this is pretty stupid. H.264 is "good enough" for most things. Particularly as bandwidth continues to grow. A more efficient encoding scheme would be nice, but it isn't necessary. We can already do 1080p60 video over most net connections with reasonable quality.

So H.265 will have to be appealing not only in terms of bandwidth saved, but in terms of cost. Companies won't move to use it if they have to pay a bunch extra for the privilege. They'll just keep using H.264 and more bandwidth.

Comment Re:Robo Cars Will be More Fuel Efficient (Score 1) 252 252

The auto market is one of the most competitive and low-margin. You need another example for your theorem. I can get a Versa for under $12,000 that is a better car in almost every way than anything that could have been purchased in 1980. We've had 200% inflation since then... What sort of crap did you get for $6000 in 1980? Did it last 150,000 miles and have airbags, crumple zones, a CD player, and AC?

Comment Re:Possible but rather unlikely I think (Score 1) 252 252

but also because autonomous cars are more likely to be shared and constantly in use, rather than sitting in your driveway 90% of the time.

I'm not convinced of this one either. Possible but hardly a certainty. A lot of people don't really like to share cars and nobody rides the bus because they like it. I can see automated cars getting abused rather badly. Trash, bodily fluids, etc. People don't tend to respect property that isn't theirs. I really don't look forward to the prospect of taxing an automated taxi that smells of urine or worse.

And it doesn't work for the borrowers either. If people make their cars available for use when they don't need them, then that will mean that most cars will only be available for use during times of low demand, and will be occupied during time of high demand. With that availability, shared cars will barely dent the existing taxi and public transportation systems.

I have seen a ton of articles lately pushing the idea that once automated cars are reality that no one will need/want to own cars. I'm sorry, but taxis have been around since before the car was invented and they still only fill a minor role in our transportation needs. There are reasons for this, and automated cars don't address any of those issues.

Comment Re:If race doesn't exist, how is this possible? (Score 1) 312 312

I agree. Substitute man's intervention for some other one-off event. It doesn't really change my point. Polar bears are separated from brown bears by less than half a million years - they may be more analogous to humans, which have less than a 100,000 to have differentiated. My point is that the differentiation - mild as it was - has now largely been undone. Especially here in the US where you have people with significant African heritage living as "white" people and the average "black" person having 30% European heritage. A classification system is completely useless from a scientific standpoint.

Comment Sadly she won't (Score 4, Informative) 550 550

Because it is good advice for actual progress. Wu isn't a feminist, she's a professional victim. I mean that literally: She makes her money by whining about being victimized and guilting people in to donating to her pateron to fund her life. She's a developer in only the most basic sense. She has one product ever, a mobile game that is very poor quality. She has no track record for actually working to advance women's rights or gender equality. Her profession is literally being a victim.

So she has no interest in advice from actual successful women developers because she's not. Her issue isn't having lots of skill but being kept down because of gender, it is having minimal skills and then playing pretend about the source of her problems.

That's why she agreed to the Ask Slashdot. She wanted the "mean" questions she refused to answer because she can point to those as examples of "harassment" to further her cause. She's not stupid, she knew what she was doing.

However while she won't take your advice, hopefully other women will, because it is excellent.

Comment Re:If race doesn't exist, how is this possible? (Score 0) 312 312

Remember, they produce fertile offspring when interbred.

But they don't interbreed unless a person intervenes.

A wolf does with a dog. The wolf is a wild, untameable dangerous animal, a dog can be tamed.

Ignoring for the moment that a wolf is basically a wild dog, again they only breed when man intervenes. Dogs wouldn't exist at all without man's intervention.

So that means, character traits are also inheritable, within one species. Well...

Weird logic jump, but yes, character traits are heritable. Humans haven't been selectively bred by a weird outside force who wants a docile animal with a smooshed up face and breathing trouble. Humans quite obviously inherit their character traits from their parents. But if you take your typical brown American, they probably have European, native American, and African ancestry. Maybe some Asian. How the hell are you going to classify that person, let alone try to correlate their inherited skin color to their inherited personality? A classification system that cannot classify the President (or nearly 1/3 of the US) is pretty useless.

Comment Re: More by whom (Score 1) 368 368

That's only true when you're talking about firing straight up. At lower angles a bullet can go in an arc and still have a significant amount of lateral velocity when I comes down because gravity only acts in the vertical direction. It will still be slowed down somewhat by air resistance but that's not necessarily enough to make it non-lethal (if bullets couldn't overcome air resistance then guns would be useless in an atmosphere).

Comment Not quite seeing the point (Score 4, Insightful) 49 49

Outside of a conversational AI, I don't want my software to work differently depending on what mood it thinks I'm in. For every app that would actually benefit from this I foresee a hundred 'Clippy's.

'You seem frustrated! Let's start a tutorial of my basic features...'
'Hey—did you know you're angry? Here's some cute kittens that are sure to cheer you up!'
'I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over...'

In these matters the only certainty is that there is nothing certain. -- Pliny the Elder