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Royal Navy Website Hacked, Passwords Revealed 114 114

An anonymous reader writes "The British Royal Navy's website has been suspended after a Romanian hacker exploited SQL injection vulnerabilities to gain access to the site. The hacker, named 'TinKode,' accessed usernames and passwords used by the site's administrators and published them on the web. TinKode's attack is 'particularly embarrassing for the British Ministry of Defence, as just last month protecting against cyber attacks was declared in the National Security Strategy to be a "highest priority for UK national security."'"

+ - Suicide wave hits Taiwanese iPhone manufacturer Fo

jaunty writes: I had read about the one foxconn employee in the shipping department that had committed suicide after an iphone went missing, now it seems as if many more are are committing the final act of their lives. Just wondering what is playing out there in this factory. I know they have 800,000 employees, so the law of averages might be the explanation. "What say you?"

Comment: Here's one for the history books (Score 1) 739 739

Anyone remember Yggdrasil? Beautiful CD with graphical installation. I think it came with a boot floppy (maybe two), and a CD. Don't remember too much about the installation, because it was about 1993/4 when I first started with this, but I can remember the first time I read "kernel panic". My brother and I, who shared my fascination with linux, sat there and laughed when we read that. After reading the thick book that accompanied the installation software, we figured out what was wrong, and started again. Finally got everything installed and running, and then we were hooked.

Thanks to all the developers along the way, who have kept this hobby interesting for me.

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