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Comment: CBC did them a favour (Score 2, Insightful) 303

by jassa (#26113973) Attached to: Canadians Miss Out On Doctor Who Season Finale

Given the episode in question, this is more of a blessing than a curse. The Season 4 finale is almost worse than the Season 3 finale.

I'm looking forward to Stephen Moffat taking over from Russel T Davies in 2010. Hopefully he'll be able to bring some intelligence (or just plots that make sense) back to the show.

Comment: Department of Fair Trading (or US equivalent) (Score 1) 593

by jassa (#25937129) Attached to: Recourse For Poor Customer Service?

I had similar problems with Dell Australia recently, and after a month or so of trying to play nice I looked up the location of their Australian office and contacted the Department of Fair Trading in that state to ask them for assistance. They took over from there and within a week I had the Executive Customer Escalation Manager for Dell Australia ringing and emailing me (and leaving me her direct email/phone number), apologising profusely and trying to get everything sorted out.

I don't know if a similar government regulatory body exists in whichever state Dell US are based in, but do a little research and if one does exist, ask them for help. Make sure you let them know eveything you've tried so far, and include any and all documentation to support your claim.

Good luck!

Comment: Re:Lojack it instead (Score 1) 257

by jassa (#25888381) Attached to: Lenovo Service Disables Laptops With a Text Message

Well aren't you bitter and jaded.

(a) Lojack is routinely used by the police (who, despite your opinion, do actually care about theft).
(b) I wasn't suggesting people track down the thieves and confront them themselves.
(c) I think you'll find the average laptop thief doesn't turn into a murderer as soon as they're confronted by someone about it.
(d) Insurance is good to have, but it's not going to get you your data back.

The Internet

+ - Gamespot editor fired over review of Eidos game 2

Submitted by PocketPick
PocketPick (666) writes "Kotaku is reporting that following a unflatering review of the game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, long-time editor Jeff Gerstmann is no longer under the employment of video gaming website Gamespot and it's parent, CNET. Kane & Lynch, a game published by Eidos for the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC, has been heavily featured in flash, image and text advertisments on Gamespot's website since the release on November 13th, inevitably leading to questions whether or not Mr. Gerstmann's firing was motivated by pressure from Eidos."

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