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+ - Netflix develops Oculus interface (among other hacks)

Submitted by jasper_amsterdam
jasper_amsterdam (788332) writes "At the 'Netflix hack day', several cool hacks were developed, including (menu) support for the Oculus Rift, support for Netflix controlling background lighting, and a console interface. Cool stuff, but I should note there isn't necessarily any intention of implementating these. Netflix' tech blog has a report."

Comment: Off topic - looking for help (Score -1, Redundant) 156

Hi /. Sorry for the off topic but I'm looking for help from the /. community and have no idea how to reach the hive other than comments. A long time ago (2 years?) there was a post on a tool that would automatically install the most recent version of a bunch of shareware and freeware without clicking through all the muck. I didn't save the link and despite some googling haven't been able to retrieve it. It seems like a tool that would save hours when installing a new system (if safe). Does someone remember the link or can someone with better search-fu find it? Thanks! Jasper

Comment: Re:How long till Facebook break it? (Score 1) 71

by jasper_amsterdam (#36810610) Attached to: Chrome Extension Adds Facebook, Twitter To Google+
I'm not sure they can do that. If they have an API for (mobile) apps to integrate friends streams and such, I doubt they could specifically interrupt this (unless they use the lawyers to do so. Then again, Google has been for opening data where fb has been for shutting it up, so the best thing would be to do the same, and integrate G+ into your fb stream (but that would be accepting them as equals).

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