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+ - SPAM: AT&T: New offerings from Dell, Palm

Submitted by (1636347) writes "AT&T seems to be on the roll lately. After Dell announced that its first smart phone for the U.S. market will run on the AT&T network, the phone company said that it will soon offer the Palm Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus phones. The announcement gives Palm a presence on three of the U.S.’s four major carriers.

After committing to a two-year contract and redeeming a $100 mail-in-coupon, the Palm Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus will be available for $150 and $50 respectively. Both phones will require a data plan, but pricing was not immediately available.

The Pre Plus will ship with 16 GB of internal memory, and the Pixi Plus will add Wi-Fi connectivity to the original model. Both phones will include AT&T exclusive services like AT&T Navigator and Address Book. While the new Palm WebOS is a feature-rich and intuitive browser, all efforts by Palm to boost revenue failed so far. Wall Street analysts are starting to raise doubt about the company’s ability to survive following Palm’s announcement that it sold far fewer phones than originally anticipated.

Meanwhile, AT&T will sell Dell’s smart phone under the name Aero (Windows, listen up). The phone features Google’s Android operating system and is currently only available in Brazil and China."

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+ - Lie-in for teenagers sees drop in absenteeism-> 1

Submitted by krou
krou (1027572) writes "Monkseaton High School in North Tyneside, UK, began an experiment in October that saw its 800 pupils ranging in age from 13-19 attend school an hour later than normal at 10am. Early results indicate that 'general absence has dropped by 8% and persistent absenteeism by 27%'. Head teacher Paul Kelley supported the idea because he believed that 'it was now medically established that it was better for teenagers to start their school day later in terms of their mental and physical health and how they learn better in the afternoon', and he now claims that the children are becoming 'happier better educated teenagers' as a result of the experiment. The experiment is being overseen by Oxford neuroscience professor Russell Foster. 'He performed memory tests on pupils at the school which suggested the more difficult lessons should take place in the afternoon. He said young people's body clocks may shift as they reach their teenage years — meaning they want to get up later not because they are lazy but because they are biologically programmed to do.'"
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