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Comment: Re:Anecdotal evidence (Score 0) 241

by jasmusic (#49712987) Attached to: How Windows 10 Performs On a 12-inch MacBook
Microsoft has been secretly refactoring Windows for modularity for several years now, Mark Russinovich referred to the effort repeatedly as "min-win" (minimum Windows?). It's how Windows can share a kernel between phone and desktop. All those old KERNEL32 etc exports? Look at all the weird places they're redirected. There has been major work done. Vista had major new asynchronous I/O features, Windows 7 removed the dispatcher lock, etc etc.

Comment: ICSCERT? (Score 0) 136

by jasmusic (#42600883) Attached to: Malware Infects US Power Facilities Through USB Drives

U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT)

What a long ass name for such a useless agency. Who gives a fuck about their opinions? What, do you think the government knows more about power plants than the fucking people who actually build them?

Comment: Oh gawd (Score 0) 375

by jasmusic (#37277416) Attached to: Windows 8 Desktop 'Just Another App'?
Sinofsky is a fucking dipshit and he's overreaching. You couldn't get away with this on Linux because they would just jettison your dumb Metro window manager like used toilet paper. When Metro grows dated (almost there already) they're hardcoded and fucked. XAML & C++, eh? Can anyone see the obvious retardation? If you guessed that C++ doesn't have reflection and XAML is based entirely on reflection, you are correct. IThis, IThat, death-by-COM, surely that was what we were all clamoring for instead of an optimized WPF right?

Comment: Out of the frying pan into the fire (Score 2) 598

by jasmusic (#37167368) Attached to: Why Amazon Can't Manufacture a Kindle In the US
What this article has endorsed (i.e. government intervention) is exactly what has caused the problem. Nowhere in Part One of the article did I see any mention of actual economics, just a bunch of OMG THEIR TAKING R BUSINES. Ask yourself, what makes it cheaper to manufacture overseas? Could it be corporate taxation? Regulation? Expense of Social Security and unemployment insurance? Yadda Yadda Yadda? Anyone listening?