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Comment Groovy (Score 1) 358

I've been using Groovy for the past few years. And every where I can I try to use more of it.

The syntax is terse (no semi-colons if you don't want them), it adds a lot of nice touches (null is false, ?. operator), easy JSON and XML support, and yet it works seamlessly with the vast number of Java libraries out there.

Pair Groovy up with the Gradle (Groovy-based) build tool and you have a slick package.

I just got done writing a little utility with it. No class declaration or main(), Sql object that makes database interaction dead simple. It's a fairly trivial piece of code, but it looks lean and clean in Groovy.

- Jasen.

Comment Re:This plan has holes (Score 1) 352

"Between the stupidity of "leaders" in teaching, and zero tolerance insanity, homeschooling or private schooling my children looks better and better every day."

Homeschooling rocks. You can do everything from completely pre-canned video courses online to doing everything via cobbled together public domain content.

Of course, your child(ren) and whoever does the teaching must take to it. But if it works, it works quite well.

Comment Re:shit (Score 1) 173

This does not prevent/deter the problem. The "government" pays the penalties - read tax payers, not the people who committed the perjury (police, prosecutors, judges, expert witnesses, etc.).

Unless there is a real and expected negative consequence to the direct actors, there is no incentive to stop.

(But if I were one of the victims' families, I'd sure want a few million dollars for the government's screw up.)

Comment Re:Can't wait... (Score 1) 737

As terrible as this is, it has all the ingredients of a James Bond or Mission Impossible movie set up.

Who or what was on board that some nefarious power wanted eliminated? What leverage did that nefarious power have on the co-pilot to make him do this?

The simple explanation of "the guy wanted to commit suicide & take everyone with him" seems rather unconvincing. If that were so, why not crash into a populated area to maximize the damage? If it were an act of jihad, where is the call of glory to Allah & death to the infidels? (He knows the voice recorder is going, surely he would send a message of victory.)

I would expect/hope that people who fly airplanes go through some sort of psyche profile & background check. Hopefully something as common as losing a wife/girlfriend or being outed as homosexual or experiencing financial hardship would not be enough to push someone cleared to fly to mass murder-suicide.

We may never know.

Comment Re:This ex-Swatch guy doesn't have a clue (Score 1) 389

I think the Apple watch is interesting but it is ten times more expensive than it should be

You think the Apple watch should cost $34.95? Or do you mean the limited Edition $10,000+ one? The high end one is irrelevant when discussing pricing. It is purely a fantasy model for the 0.1% to buy. Like race cars by BMW or couture by fashion brands.

Comment I don't see a problem here. (Score 1) 367

"The app's privacy policy prevents schools from identifying users without a subpoena, court order or search warrant, or an emergency request from a law-enforcement official with a compelling claim of imminent harm."

So if someone issues a death threat, etc. you call the police, they get a subpoena, and track down the idiot who posted it.

Once this happens a few times (in every locality where Yik Yak is used) word gets out not to do that. Or, Yik Yak and law enforcement are overwhelmed with subpoena processing for trolls. If Yik Yak can't process requests fast enough is there some sort of penalty they face? If Yik Yak corporate headquarters are out of state or out of the US, how would such penalties be imposed?

Or, signal to noise ratio gets way too low and the app collapses under the weight of trolls. Or the trolls enjoy trolling each other on it (4chan).

Comment Re:I miss Mac OS (Score 1) 564

I didn't mean to imply that Mac OS's implementation was the best choice, only that it is/was a better choice than three letter extensions on the file name. MIME types are a more modern approach.

A post above suggested prepending MIME information on ALL files. That doesn't seem like a bad choice other than it breaks backward compatibility.

But I think we can agree that the current approach is seriously antiquated and problematic.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 411

You might like Groovy.

Foo foo; - which creates a private variable and Groovy auto-generates getters & setters (which you can write yourself if you wish)

accessing the member variable actually calls the getter.

Groovy also has an implicit null check


And many other syntactical niceties and enhancements over Java.

Comment GPs vs Specialists (Score 1) 79

I remember a scene from "The Love Boat" of all places. The ship's doctor, a GP, and another doctor, a specialist, were arguing.

Specialist: "GPs know less and less about more and more until they know nothing about everything."

GP retort: "Specialists know more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing."

This was a great example of the explosion of knowledge we've had in modern times. GPs can't keep up with everything we are learning, specialists focus their knowledge. As patients we are required to navigate this landscape.

Comment Re:Yes another developer lead down the path .... (Score 1) 323

I was told that there was a version in existance with new levels, weapons and features and it only needed "polishing" and optimization to hit the market. After numerous requests for this version, I found out that there was no such thing and that Art Data Interactive was under the false impression that all anyone needed to do to port a game from one platform to another was just to compile the code and adding weapons was as simple as dropping in the art.

I would have quit or renegotiated, not death marched to finish on time. It sounds like the client clearly misrepresented the amount of work to be done - either through ignorance, incompetence, or malice. None of which is my problem as the contracted programmer. Maybe I don't understand how these sorts of gigs work being I'm salaried at a large company. If someone hires me to do X amount of work in Y time for Z money, and it turns out I have to do 2X work because of their misrepresentation of the situation, why would I death march to do that? If I were getting a percentage of revenue and expected a big payout if I made a deadline (in time for Christmas), I probably would. But as a flat-fee gig, no? Perhaps there's a "passion" and "pride" factor involved. Anyone care to enlighten me?

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