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Comment google did it in a wrong way (Score 5, Informative) 381

Google just removed the results from some local domains (fr, etc), but left it working for com domain. Basically it means they failed at delisting since EU citizen can still easily avoid it. Instead they should comply by doing some kind of geoip delisting as then they would be really compliant within EU jurisdiction.

Comment Re:It's been going on...for months (Score 1) 112

If you want to make it consumer friendly you need to have vendor server for one puprose: finding your device from the internet. Otherwise to get it to work you would need to input some magic numbers* (that may even change sometimes randomly!) or setup some strange services** you dont understand. With vendor server its just few simple clicks.

* IP address
** DNS

Comment Re:should be higher (Score 1) 229

You do realize that retail games dont count, right? So all the people with several AAA titles bought in their local store (or just somewhere else on the internet) lose their ability to for example participate in mod discussions (workshop). In some parts of the world steam prices for new games (without big sales) are extremely high compared to those in stores.

Comment workshop (Score 2) 229

I would say some people may get annoyed due to following limitations:
>Submit content on the Steam Workshop
>Post in an item's Steam Workshop Discussions
Retail games dont give you full account, so if you buy some steam only game with a mod community (eg Civilization 5) you potentially lose quite a bit

Comment Re:I did not even get half the speed (Score 1) 142

The hardware is quite likely the problem. There are only few consumer grade gigabit routers that can handle anywhere near the max speed between internet and local network. Its slowly getting better as now most get to 600-700Mb/s (or more), but just few years ago barely anything got above 500.


Comment Re:Something seems off... (Score 4, Informative) 76

from wiki (

Identity-based systems allow any party to generate a public key from a known identity value such as an ASCII string. A trusted third party, called the Private Key Generator (PKG), generates the corresponding private keys. To operate, the PKG first publishes a master public key, and retains the corresponding master private key (referred to as master key). Given the master public key, any party can compute a public key corresponding to the identity ID by combining the master public key with the identity value. To obtain a corresponding private key, the party authorized to use the identity ID contacts the PKG, which uses the master private key to generate the private key for identity ID.

Comment Re:Offline cracking (Score 1) 288

How exactly does the attacker know the passwords expiration date?

How exactly WOULDN'T they? If the attacker is doing offline brute forcing of passwords, that means they've obtained at least a partial copy of the database for the site (since they have to have the hashes and salts), at which point it's probable that they would have also obtained the expiration dates linked to each password.

Expiration dates != expiration time of current password. If you assume some maximum password expiration time (lets say 3 months) then as long as user is registered for at lest that amount of time the password expiration date doesnt provide any useful information about it. Unless of course hacker gets multiple database snapshots from widely different days, but then the system is probably doomed anyway.

Comment good in short, bad in long run (Score 1) 358

I think its quite good decision in short run, since it will kill all those weird connectors with no merit to them aside from being unique and driving charger sales for manufacturer. On the other hand in the long run its bad, since it actually hampers ("why bother if we have to put usb anyway") or even completely blocks some possible innovation (eg wirelessly charged waterproof phone with no external connections at all).
IMO the best course would be to keep this legislation for a several years (5-10) to get everyone to standardize and then repeal it. Given its EU though, I expect we are stuck with those connectors long after it will become completely obsolete...

Submission Bitcoin Price Drops as Mt. Gox Exchange Closes Indefinitely

knightmad writes: According to Business Week bitcoin plunged more more than 7 percent today after a major Tokyo-based exchange halted withdrawals of the digital currency.

Citing technical problems Mt. Gox said in a blog post that it needed to "temporarily pause on all withdrawal requests to obtain a clear technical view of the currency processes."

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