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Comment Re:Wait, you have to TYPE the password??? (Score 2) 365

I used to have a "good" combination on my luggage... until the day I forgot it (or set it wrong, who knows). Poking this way and the other, it turned out that it takes about 10-15 seconds to pick my luggage, and about 2 seconds to pry it open with a screwdriver.
Since then, I just use 12345, because why bother :D

Comment Re:Scripts that interact with passwords fields aws (Score 5, Insightful) 365

Except it doesn't stop shit.
Any malware would either intercept the keystrokes, or read the in-memory data directly, or even change the web content to inject whatever scripts it wanted... or even read the password from clipboard, because the fact that you can't paste it into the page, does not stop you from copying if from wherever you had it in the first place.

Comment Re:Greedy Corporation (Score 1) 214

What do you mean Linux is "too unreliable"? It won't crash, it won't lose your data, it will keep 100+ day uptimes without a hitch... :-?

As for LibreOffice vs. MS Office, both will keep 100% of their formatting once you export to PDF, and keep 100% of their data if you use any open format like ODT, DOCX, or plain text. Using anything else is just asking for trouble down the road anyway.

Comment Re:Since when rewarding pirates is "good"? (Score 1) 214

It used to be that if you installed Windows 7 in a VM, without entering a valid serial number, it would run for 60 days... after which it would show a nag screen at boot time and switch your desktop background to black.

I guess black is fit for a "pirate theme".

Comment Re:Greedy Corporation (Score 1) 214

It's not only the game or desktop support, but also the multi-monitor support, multi-display-adapter support, high granularity switching, etc. Windows Display Driver Model is better than anything on Linux, and it's only getting better with Windows 10's WDDM 2.0 and DirectX 12. Linux drivers have advanced a lot, thanks in part to Steam and all the interest in porting games to Linux, but the support still has to advance quite a bit more to beat Windows at what it does best: showing windows.

Comment Re:Greedy Corporation (Score 2) 214

Alternatives... for doing what.

If you're doing servers or data processing, there you have a plethora of GNU/Linux distributions. You should already be using GNU tools on Windows anyways. Office, entertainment (music/video), web, software development... all of it you can do anywhere.

Comment Re:Greedy Corporation (Score 3, Informative) 214

XP is crap. Its driver model and security model are a total joke. Any program can bring the whole system down, and you will not even know which one it was.
I can't believe people can defend XP, call it "stable" and whatnot. I would rather have a Vista with all its beta-ish stuff than touch XP with a ten foot pole.

Comment Re:Thumb Drives (Score 5, Insightful) 184

Tape is some of a myth.

The only safe media, is that which you keep copying before it deteriorates. Not HDDs, not SSDs, not CDs, not thumbdrives, and not tape. Any media you leave untouched past its data retention period, will lose data.

What you need is to check every copy of your data for any sign of degradation, and replace it with a fresh copy as soon as, or before, it begins to fail. Tape may give you the most time between checks, but it doesn't change the fact that data you forget about is data you will lose.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 184

the RAID controller has to wait for the HDD on every read/write to verify it's the same as on the SSD

Drives use checksums, no need to read from a second drive if it succeeds from the first one.

Also, "write mostly" configurations for the HDD allow for most reads to be made from the SSD, with the HDD acting as a backup. Writes still need to be duplicated, but this can be done in the background.

Comment Re:not bricking but breaking (Score 1) 179

You don't use adb to downgrade, you use fastboot. Are you sure you know how the flashing stuff works?
Anyway, if you have the multi-mode drivers installed, you may need to switch your usb cable to a different usb port on your pc for the drivers to recognize it in the right mode.

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