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Comment: Re:Shocking (Score 1) 409

by jaq1an (#45967033) Attached to: Lawsuit: Oracle Called $50K 'Good Money For an Indian'

I'm shocked. Oracle has always seemed like one the more reputable companies, willing to compete fairly, not obsessed with gouging its customers, and nary an evil bone in their corporate body. I can't imagine them hiring or promoting people that would act like this.

you wouldnt be saying that if you ever used their software,

Comment: Re:Why are you so obsessed with genealogy ? (Score 1) 292

by jaq1an (#34614762) Attached to: Best Open Source Genealogy Software?
Its not just Americans. I'm Irish (not Irish-American, born, raised and still living in Ireland) and I'm interested. In some ways the USA is luckier as being a country of immigrants they have had to keep good records whereas many of the records in Ireland have been destroyed delibertly by the govt. or in war by anti-govt or just never created. It was a great way to reconnect with lost family members and to learn more about the family history.

Comment: GRAMPS, TRIBALPAGES.COM (Score 1) 292

by jaq1an (#34614710) Attached to: Best Open Source Genealogy Software?
1). GRAMPS is the only real OpenSource genealogy software, everything else is out-of-date and crap. If you used any other software like FamilyTreeMaker before it takes a little getting used to but great software. 2). is a good site that for $20 will create reports/family tress that you can download as a *.pdf. All the work on Ancestry should not be in vain. Export your family tree as a *.GEDCOM file and can be imported into GRAMPS or other sites. Bit of advice stay away from as once someone connects their tree to yours you NO LONGER CONTROL THE DATA and cannot delete the tree.

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