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Comment Re:Easy fix (Score 2) 247

I also had this in business ethics class. Apparently this particular case was singled out in analysis within Ford. They were actually dumb enough to calculate, whether putting in that wall was going to be more or less expensive than paying the families for the loss of life, which they pinned at around $300k. It's the $300k that made everyone go batshit. The lesson learned in business class: when you have to make your trade off on human life, make sure that the value you put on it doesn't offend anyone.

Comment Re:Not the typical iPhone experience. (Score 1) 484

It may not be typical iPhone experience, but judging by some comments here, it's not rare either. And, yes, I'm annoyed after buying 5 iPhones and a bunch of other gear from the company in question. After ditching Dell for PCs and Nokia for phones I was hoping for a long and beautiful friendship. Meh..

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 484

The reason you don't see many iPhone owners complaining is because they're probably ashamed that they spent the money on them and are still unhappy. I'm not an Apple hater. We own an Air (6 years and counting) that survived being dipped in champaign, a Time Capsule, an Apple TV and have bought together a total of 5 iPhones over the years.

Our phones previous to the iPhones were Nokia N900, N97, E97, N95, Samsung Galaxy Omnia, Nokia 6310i, Sony Ericsson, and some other Nokias and Siemens, but that was a decade ago or more. iPhone stability beat everything else by far when we got in at 4S. It has declined since then.

As for user culture, my wife regularily closes all apps, so as to limit their impact, she doesn't use stupid apps and doesn't play games. She learned to close apps ever since the N97.

The previous best phone before 4S was by far the N95 and the 6310i before that.

The decrease in stability over the Apple phone hardware and is versions is real. If you want hard data, please ask Apple for their support numbers ;) alternately, just check the support forums.

Comment Re:Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed o (Score 2) 484

The question was on a "fully featured smartphone", so basic smartphones don't fit the bill. iPhone 4S was fully featured. Mind you, the Nokia N900 had more wizzbang, but iPhone had a good balance.
Both the wife's iPhone 6 and my 5S now take several seconds to *dial a number*, which isn't explained away with the apps I have installed.

Submission + - Which smartphone is stable these days?

janimal writes: It used to be true that the iPhone was the smartphone that "just works". Ever since the 4S days, this has been true less and less with each generation. My wife's iPhone 6 needs to be restarted several times per week for things like internet search or making calls to work. An older 5S I'm using also doesn't consistently stream to Apple TV, doesn't display song names correctly on Apple TV and third party peripherals (like a Mercedes Benz). In short, the mainstay of Apple that is quality is fast receding. In your opinion, which smartphone brand these days is taking up the slack and delivering a fully featured smartphone that "just works"?

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