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+ - Rakudo Star - "early adopter" Perl 6, released-> 4

Submitted by masak
masak (1866852) writes "The developers of Rakudo, an actively developed implementation of Perl 6, give you their first "Rakudo Star" release. Quoting the announcement: 'These "Star" releases are intended to make Perl 6 more widely available to programmers, grow the Perl 6 codebase, and gain additional end-user feedback about the Perl 6 language and Rakudo's implementation of it.' It's been a long wait, and not everything is in place yet, but Perl 6 is definitely feeling less vapor-y today."
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+ - The Smiley-Free Day->

Submitted by jani
jani (4530) writes "The Arthur Dent Appreciation Society started a new tradition on January 1st, the smiley-free Thursday.

The idea is that people should use the written word more, and emoticons less, and that Thursday is the day to do it every week. The movement is gaining ground internationally, even though Google and Wikipedia haven't caught up yet.

I've joined in, and I'm doing my best to not use smileys when sending e-mail, chatting, or sending SMS-es. Why don't you, too?"

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OpenDocument Foundation To Drop ODF 325

Posted by kdawson
from the microsoft-cheering-from-the-sidelines dept.
poet sends us to Computerworld for a story on the intention of the OpenDocument Foundation to drop support for Open Document Format, OASIS and ISO standards not withstanding, in favor of the Compound Documents Format being promoted by the W3C. The foundation's director of business affairs, Sam Hiser, dropped this bomb in a blog posting a couple of weeks ago. Hiser believes CDF has a better shot at compatibility with Microsoft's OOXML, and says that the foundation has been disappointed with the direction of ODF over the last year.

Comment: Re:For verifying a domain exists, for example (Score 2, Informative) 174

by jani (#21176935) Attached to: Privacy Advocates Bemoan the Problems With WHOIS
Name server records are not what "defines the domain's very existence", it only defines whether the domain exists in DNS.

There are cases where e.g. name server changes or domain name transfers results in a loss of name server data in the root servers. The domain still exists, but it is or will quickly be in an unusable state.

So, to reiterate:

DNS shows you whether the domain works.
WHOIS currently shows you whether the domain exists, as well as domain ownership information.

If ICANN wants to get rid of whois for domain names, it needs to replace it with something else.

Functional EPP implementations would do fine for those of us who are registrars, but leaves the public with no practical way of yielding ownership information.

All great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time.