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Comment Re:dry ink (Score 1) 141

Even better: Get a network postscript color laser printer.

Not only will it last forever, but you will be able to use the generic drivers that come with your OS to print on it. No more 200MB driver downloads only to find out that they've dropped support for your OS or don't work on 64 bit systems or whatever. The network postscript color laser is the last printer you'll ever need to buy, and they can be found in the $200 range easily these days.

Comment Re:wft ever dude! (Score 1) 211

One of the design goals of IPv6 was to simplfy the routing logic so we could make faster and cheaper hardware. That's why there is no more IP fragmentation for example. Making the fields variable size defeats that. It's much easier to build hardware for fixed field sizes.

Plus you can't project exponential growth out to infinity. It is inevitable that some factor will come to limit the growth. It has been really incredible how long transistors have maintained their growth, but even that seems to be coming to an end.

Also, we're probably not going to have a 64->128 bit transition. Not without a fundamental change in the way we do computing.

Comment Re:Passed data with a ton of noise? (Score 4, Interesting) 376

They did it because that's how the company that makes the cables describes their test environment. They claim "clear unmistakeable" improvements in the audio quality in the setup Ars used, but only if you plug the cable in in the correct direction (denoted by an arrow on the connectors).

In fact the company claims that they determine which way to face the arrow by plugging the cable in and listening in both directions and choosing the best.

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 886

Do you want the seats front facing or rear facing? 10-30lb or 20-50lb? Even then you're going to have to adjust it for your kid, and figure out what sort of bizarre adjustment scheme this particular seat uses. On some seats you have to take them apart to adjust past certain points. Uh oh, the kid always wants to sit behind the driver and the seat is installed on the passenger side.

Who is going to install and remove the seats every time someone calls for one? Are they going to have liability insurance in case they accidentally install a seat improperly and a kid is injured or dies?

And then the parents have to go back and make sure the seat is clean once they're done with the car. Kids are amazing at finding ways of making messes when you least expect it.

I think "have young kids" is one of the ares where the "car as a service" concept does not work. Not unless you drive only very rarely with the kids.

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 886

People are sick and tired of car payments and insurance payments.

A subscription service has to pay for these too. They're just hidden from you. Plus there is the additional overhead from the subscription service company. Total cost per mile is roughly the same, the savings come from parking costs and not having to deal with age related problems on the cars because you wear them out with pure mileage before they get old.

You don't have the upfront cost of owning the car, but you end up paying more per mile than people who own cars. There's a tipping point where car-as-a-service don't make sense anymore and a lot of Americans are well past that point. In fact most people who live in the suburbs and anybody rural are past that point. If you don't have ready access to good mass transit then you probably need to own a car. If you do live in a city, then you have to weigh the car-as-a-service option against just using mass transit and taxies, and traditional car rental for those rare occasions where you need to travel a good distance from the city.

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 2) 886

Of course EVs in their current form are almost totally unsuited for a subscription model, since their usage model depends on being parked in places with charging support for a relatively long time and only being used on short to medium trips. They're amazing as commuter cars, but not a good idea for a Taxi. Supercharging is hard on the car and should be used sparingly.

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 886

Or you know, having to install the kid car seats every time you want to go somewhere would get old fast, especially if it's a different car every time and you have to figure out where the manufacturer hid the bars this time. Or if the car doesn't have the bars and you have to use the seatbelt method. Or the bars are there but spaced differently so you have to adjust the annoyingly difficult to adjust sliders on the seat to make it fit properly.

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