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Comment: Re:InoReader (Score 1) 50

by jamlc1m (#44148937) Attached to: Thoughts From Readers on Replacing Google Reader
This is finally what I've been looking for. Great web based client. Unfortunately not Android app (yet?) But the mobile web version is not too bad either. As this is the last day of Google Reader I was about to settle for the old reader but this one has just won me over. This is the ONLY rss client off all the ones I tried that has the comments from /. already in the RSS same as google reader used to have. And it doesn't force you to hand over your credentials to other services just to log in... (I'm looking at you Feedly!) Thanks for this tip!

Comment: Not working in my country anyways (Score 2, Interesting) 212

by jamlc1m (#31020300) Attached to: Sony May Charge For PlayStation Network
The PSN doesn't work in my country even though I've exchanged quite a few emails over the three years I have my PS3. On multiple occasions I've been promised that "we're just about to launch the service" and nothing happened ever since. This is quite a drawback in the whole PS3 experience since I know that demo's and free content on the PSN is half the fun. I actually wanted to purchase some upgrades to one of the games I own, but since Sony wasn't really interested in my money then I sure as hell won't spend any money on the PSN should it come as a paid service.

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