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+ - Breakthroughs in HTML Audio & JavaScript->

Submitted by jamienk
jamienk (62492) writes "Imagine if you could grab and manipulate audio with JavaScript just like you can images with canvas... Firefox experimental builds let you do just that: crazy audio visualizations, a graphic equalizer, even text-to-speech, all in JavaScript! Work in progress, you need a special build of Firefox (videos available), being worked on via W3C. Weren't people just saying that Firefox doesn't innovate?"
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+ - CSS "flexible box model" holy grail of layout?->

Submitted by jamienk
jamienk (62492) writes "I don't know how I missed this, but a new method of layout has worked it's way into the CSS3 spec — it allows web developers to stack, columnize, and otherwise control our HTML boxes. You can easily make same-height columns, you can reverse or precisely control the order of elements, you can flex the boxes however you like. Looks complicated, but very very cool. It seems like they still have to work out a few edge cases. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari only so far. IE sucks."
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+ - Why Novell's deal with MS is very very bad

Submitted by jamienk
jamienk (62492) writes "PJ from Groklaw has taken the time and really explained the big picture of the Novell/MS deal and how it all fits into the SCO case and the strategy some have employed to attack Free Software. If you thought PJ was becoming too shrill before, or if you don't understand what the big deal is it's really worth a read.

From the article:
This is Groklaw's 2,838th article. We now have 10,545 members, who have worked very hard to disprove SCO's scurrilous claims, and we did. We succeeded, beyond my hopes when we started.

But here's the sad part. As victory is in sight, Novell signs a patent agreement with Microsoft...
The Courts

+ - SCO getting their ass kicked in court

Submitted by jamienk
jamienk (62492) writes "The beginning of the end is in sight. SCO has been bitch-slapped for the second day in a row by a second judge in their lame legal FUD campaign against Linux. Basically, Judge Wells ruled that SCO's vague and general claims of IP infringement in Linux will not be allowed to be heard in court, since it was all clearly a poor attempt at avoiding showing any evidence. Next, SCO will face compelling counterclaims against it by IBM. PJ says 'If SCO had a mommy, she'd be right along through here telling SCO, "you made your bed, and now you must lie in it."'"

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