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Submission + - Apple's OSX 10.5.3 has landed! (

jaymus of dawning writes: "Apple has just released the latest major revision of OS X. The update yields improvements to tons of system components and applications including the Software Update system, Address Book, AirPort, Automater, iCal, iChat, Mail, Parental Controls, Spaces, Time Machine and VoiceOver. This release contains 200 bug fixes from 10.5.2. See Apple's release page for all the delicious details."

Submission + - Macbooks cost about 15% more if you're Canadian

Jaymus of Snell writes: "According to the Bank of Canada $1CDN is presently worth $1.0704USD (closing of Nov 2nd). On the Canadian version of Apple's website, Macbooks are listed at start at $1249.00 while on the US site they start at $1099. So IF the exchange rate was 1:1 then Canadians would still be charged an extra $150, though when you factor in the current rates, it's even more offensive. The base Macbook Pro costs ~$200 more and Mac Pros are ~$300 more for Canadians."
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Releases Updated Macbooks

Jaymus of Snell writes: "Apple has released an updated version of their staple macbooks. Unlike recent past updates, the video system has been overhauled sporting a shiney new Intel X3100 which they report will allow a max of 144MB shared system memory, 80MB more than with the recently replaced GMA 950. Of course the machines look the exact same on the outside. Get the full specs here."

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