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Comment: Re:Please ask google and apple to support webgl (Score 5, Informative) 83

by jamesshuang (#42391107) Attached to: How the Brain Organizes Everything We See
Hi, I actually programmed the software that displays the brain. Let's make this clear -- this is a full blown scientific visualization software. We actually use this in our day to day research. It conveniently allows a layperson to view it on their browser, but that was not the original intention. You wouldn't run a nuclear power plant using your iphone, and we don't do our research using tablets.
Second of all, I am a graduate student making 30k a year. I programmed this in my spare time as a service to my lab. If you pay me to write it for android and ios, i'd gladly do so. But I'm not paid enough to listen to ugly flames like this :-p

Comment: Re:American cars.... (Score 1) 378

by jamesshuang (#27354849) Attached to: Tesla Releases First Official Photos of Model S Sedan
Evidently, you missed the point of the car. This thing competes with BMW 7 series, Mercedes S-class vehicles, not your cheapo honda. Of course they're going to build in nifty features - ever seen S-class stuff? It's pretty insane by most standards. If you wanted a cheap electric car for the masses, get a G-Wiz
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UPS, Generators Join Servers For Boxed Data Centers 63

Posted by timothy
from the one-stop-shopping dept.
miller60 writes "As more companies look into using a 'data center in a box,' you can now get your UPS and generator in a box as well. HP and Sun have begun offering containerized power and cooling infrastructure along with their data center containers, offering an expansion path for facility owners that have run out of power and cooling capacity. Microsoft also plans to use containerized power and cooling in its next-generation facilities, allowing it to build them with no roofs (remember its tent data centers?)."

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