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Comment Oh, Com'on Robin (Score 5, Insightful) 187

The very best thing you could have done with that particular posting of Eric's would have been to ignore it, and run the story about that nice woman without mentioning it. She can stand on her own and nobody but Eric should be held to account for what he said.

Comment Re:It might be good but it won't be MST3K (Score 1) 50

Who among the majority of the old tyme Slashdot posters wouldn't jump at the chance to be on MST3K. Oswalt in his way is one of us; one of the geeky crowd who came of age in the late 80s or early 90s and watched stuff like MsT3K and Kids In The Hall, and get jokes about 80s hair bands. Everything I've seen Oswalt do since he made it big with King of Queens and Young Adult (where a geek actually gets to hop in the sack with Charlize Theron) has been in two categories; 1. paycheck, and 2. 'cause I got lots of money and can do cool shit!

Comment Re:It might be good but it won't be MST3K (Score 1) 50

I think he just likes to work on interesting projects, and has enough big paycheck projects in the pipe that he can afford to work on some second tier stuff just for fun.

I'm actually pretty interested to see how he does at this. He's a major movie fanatic and a pretty good comedian and writer to boot, so I think his credentials as far as mocking bad films goes is pretty high. He's the king of cultural references, so I think, all things being equal, the reboot might have a chance.

Comment Re:Punishing people who get degrees we need the mo (Score 1) 224

I'd like to see the people with the most money who also claim that there is a "shortage" to offer to pay the tuition for X number of STEM classes so that students could take them for FREE.

Even if they only start with the 100 level math courses.

Would more people end up taking Calc 3? Maybe. Maybe not. If they do, good. If they do not, then the cost won't be a problem.

Switch the focus from getting-money-from-students to getting-more-STEM-students.

Comment Re:The law is ridiculous anyway (Score 2) 213

It takes more than just flag-planting to make a territorial claim. A nation has to be able to demonstrate some sort of permanent control of the territory, usually in the form of colonization or economic exploitation. That's like trying to say that we need to ask the Danish, Norwegians and Swedes if Canadians can live in Newfoundland.

Before any nation can make claim to any extraterrestrial territory, it's going to have to be able to actually hold that territory, and we're still decades away from that.

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