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Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 1) 621

Why did I bother? Because facts should be sourced.

Why did I bring these particular facts in the first place? Because I was pointing out that anyone can say "This particular number is bigger than the number you're talking about" (as you did with the IRA deaths vs Islamic terrorists comment)...but that doesn't necessarily make it relevant. I even said as much in my comment.

Suicides aren't necessarily directly related to terrorism related deaths, although they do share the rather significant similar factor of death.

In this case, I'm also obliquely making the point that depression and suicide are a significantly bigger problem than terrorism (if a US citizen dies, they've got a 0.00061% chance it's from terrorism...and a 1.58% chance it's from suicide), and we in America are kinda idiots to ignore this.

Regardless of the motives of the kid who took apart the clock, regardless of whether or not it was random chance or a precisely calculated media blitz by someone trying to grab the spotlight...the fact remains that a kid got arrested because he had a box full of wires that may or may not have looked like a thing that actually kills or injurs less than 0.00071% of all humans, worldwide...and meanwhile, we've got depressed kids (and adults!) in every single school in our nation.

tl;dr version: We're severely overreacting to terrorism (especially in schools), and severely under-reacting to other causes of death.


Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 1) 621

And depression invoked suicides have killed more people than both put together. Did you have a point, or were you just spouting Islamophobia and random "Number A is larger than Number B"?

17,891 deaths by terror attack in 2013.
41,149 deaths by suicide in 2013 (in the US).

Note that those figures for terror attacks may be just for the US, or they may be worldwide...I'm not bothering to check, because if they're just for the US, it means suicides outnumber terror attacks 2 to 1, and if it's NOT just for the's a much worse ratio.


Comment Re:Hmmm. (Score 1) 410

If you create an online community, then destroy it, you're an asshole. Simple as that.

Actually, it's not as simple as that. If you're being an ass online, and doing in a way that didn't used to be against the rules, but then the rules changed, and they retroactively cleaned up the vitriol you were spewing, that doesn't make you less of an ass, or the people who wrote the rules "assholes". Sometimes, it just means that there's a lot of toxic asshats, and you were lower on their list of "toxic stuff to clean up" than something else.

Simply put, just because a bunch of toxic people have a community doesn't mean they're any less toxic.

A site that used to allow X, but now prohibits X, doesn't make you less free to express your own special flavor of X. You're still free to say it. Or type it. "Freedom" doesn't mean "guaranteed platform".

Keep in mind, I have concerns about how Reddit is managing their site. "Making it less easy for toxic nincompoops to spew vitriol" isn't one of the things I have concerns about.

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