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Comment: I will be in Conakry, Guinea on Monday. (Score 1) 478

by jago25_98 (#48115125) Attached to: The CDC Is Carefully Controlling How Scared You Are About Ebola

I will be in Conakry, Guinea on Monday.

There's a lot of rubbish that seems to be going on with Ebola. I get the impression that people are fatigued after hearing about hyped up pandemics that came to nothing previously.
I disagree on this one. It's about as communicable as the common cold. 4 days survival on cloth based cash & 3 months in males. 8,000 cases but possibly 10x more as these are in areas that are such a mess.

People are also dismissive I think also because most cases are black people, frankly. It's Africa so we think we are better equipped. Don't mess around, call it for what it is - we think we are superior. Maybe we are better equipped but I look at the hygiene of every day people in Europe, USA, Australia... it's all the same - bad. Nobody washes their hands before eating. When did you see anyone use the washroom to only wash their hands in a restaurant? It needs a lot more than that. People need to wash cash and wipe down keypads. It requires a change in thinking. This change in thinking isn't going to happen until a lot of people are dying.

West Africa is the biggest oil and gas exporter now and interests from the west seem stronger than anywhere in the world. As such flights to there to and from places like the UK, France, Netherlands, Norway are going to continue. Screening or at least some help for people would be a good idea regardless of Ebola.

Comment: Let money fight, not people (Score 1) 789

Stop talking Putin and Obama. Start talking Gazprom, Chevron, Koch brothers, Altai pipeline. Compare Monsanto's unchecked power to Gazproms power for Russia - it's like 2 sides of the same coin. Does it really matter if commies invade the capitalists or the capitalists invade the communists? To people in power of course it does, but to you and it seems to me to be the more of the same. Not worth dying for. So I'm not going to pick up a gun. Both sides know this so they will have to false flag to make me bait me into picking up a gun and fight for those company resources again.

Some of us stand together in acknowledging the powers that try to cause us to fight on their behalf. Which ever side you've been born, married or bought into you should be of the same opinion. Both sides lie the same. We all know this now because we have friends and family on either side.

Related /. article was regards that typical Americans hold no democratic power, confirming our thoughts that it's corporations all the way. As I say, it's similar both sides of the water. Russia is money, USA is money, China is money. It's been said many times but drop trying to think it can be about anything else. Money may make it about something else for it's interests but you are free to ignore the bait. Like a devil free to test you (or an attractive woman testing to see if you're a worthy suitor), you don't have to respond. That can be difficult but it's one thing you can always have the option of.

To reiterate, I've no problem with ordinary Russian citizens. Or American citizens. Or Europeans. We're not enemies. We know that's just a construct. Same for Muslims or whatever it is I'm told to start hating next.
It's stating the obvious. But I read the responses here and I feel the need to state such a simple thing.

If you're Russian I wish you good luck in weaning off of your powers above you. Likewise for either side in rooting out corruption and this kind of power play.

And now for some folly. Nostrodamous prediction is for ISIS & friends to come out of the middle east, ebola to complicate a war between Russia/China(East) & Nato etc (west).

Comment: Re:Planned obsolescence (Score 1) 281

Perhaps the concept is taken too far.

But I have spoken to chemists at major firms who were able to confirm they have been requested to weaken the product. By that I'm talking specifically on that silver-grey plastic that wears through to black over time, if you know that effect?

Sometimes the cheaper products can last longer because they don't have the smarts to design in something that fails... and we're blown away when we find that cheap product that turns out to be a better than the label standard.

How many sneakers do you know that have black and not white sole trim?
I've seen wetsuits without the seams glued down. That's no mistake since it was common to every Billabong Oscillator and not just a single line. I won't buy from them again. Now we have weaker suits... but it's OK because the stretch is a feature...

In every buying decision I expect trouble. Time to get creative. Glue those seams down /before/ they fray. Expect everything to break, whether it's deliberate or not. So when I buy a new rucksack I'm prepared to melt down the nylon thread to stop it fraying further. When I buy a phone I always go for something that has solid support on Cyanogenmod. And I never buy a new phone because it is hard to tell if it's been proven with developers yet. Same for laptops and everything.
It's cynical but it works.

Regards upgrade cycles. It's a tough one because in a sense a maker is entitled to do this. That's why an open phone like the GeeksOne is worth looking into regardless of the quality of the thing itself (!). I have had tons of old hardware that could be perfectly useable today had it not been for obfrustrications on the software side. You get to a point where you just have enough of this stuff. It's not just the money, it's just that you get to like something and you want it to be reliable. It's about efficiency too. When I buy something new the first thing I'm thinking is how long is this thing going to be useful for before it's incompatible.

People just seem to have a blind spot for this. How many times do they have to get shafted before they learn? Often it;s because they just want to buy, to buy anything... just because they want the buying experience to fill some sort of deficiency in their life. I know I've done it!

Comment: Licensing does effect end users (Score 1) 77

by jago25_98 (#47473499) Attached to: FreeBSD 9.3 Released

I don't code and rarely recompile. But I do take an interest in licenses since I find it has an effect in both my user experience and also my interaction with the community. This is what users need to understand.

I buy older cars rather than BMW because I don't want to have to find an authorised garage and pay the premium to decode the onboard computer for the repairs. Likewise, a difference in license can make a difference. In linux vs BSD there are probably some difference which I tend to summerise in my head as:
- if BSD can do it, then the functionality is probably safe in the free software world; it's going to be there in the future and if it's not then a company can be paid through closed software to fix the void
- if linux can do it then the function is less likely to be something to rely on, but it's better than closed software

"Finally, the license. I'm neither a programmer nor a recompiler so my use of BSD licensed software is essentially identical to my use of GPL software ('free as in beer', with the occasional bug report). For purists and programmers, there is a difference in what is and isn't allowed under the respective licenses."

Comment: silent vibrate. phone on wrist. chakra. watersport (Score 1) 427

by jago25_98 (#47328899) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Would It Take For You To Buy a Smartwatch?

I liked the idea of that kickstarter waterproof thingy. Would be nice to have a phone on my arm while surfing... Only the boss can then bug me and its not really very waterproof.

I view it as a phone that you strap to your wrist. I only wear watches for travel. A phone that you strap to your wrist is just a little bit more convenient. You have vibrate better. Its also away from centre of the body so its a little away from your chakra line if you go in for that kind of thing.

Comment: 'influential' = proxy term (Score 1) 231

A better description would be the aggregate of our group tribe. We only have space for so many people in our heads so we simplify with fame. Perhaps the average store is 120 people to match the tribe size we are evolved for?
So influential is pretty close a term in that these are the names in our mind so just because of that they are also a good bet as to influence... Just its only a bet.

Comparing cultures is interesting. Quite a gap for English and Chinese but less so for Russian. If you were a strategist you can then surprise that China/USA are more different than Russia/USA. Apply this again to different countries and we can start to map out political likely strongest and weakest links between countries. A map from this contrasted to an economic might be able to highlight any differences and the result would be areas either of future change or recent moves.

Comment: Emotional Intelligence - searchterm or buzzword? (Score 2) 255

by jago25_98 (#47150767) Attached to: A Measure of Your Team's Health: How You Treat Your "Idiot"

Such warm and fuzzy articles aren't welcome here. We're interested in evidence.
We wonder whether it's best to cut a member loose or support. What about the top end of the bell curve? How are they treated? Are they operating at max? Perhaps that's something the idiot might be able to notice while everyone else is busy producing?

Without a decent study, who's to say?
I would like to link to an article and contribute something of substance but I'm not quite sure what to search for. I'm finding studies confirming leadership - need to search more to find anything referring to a group.
Perhaps the search term (buzzword?) for the article should be 'Emotional Intelligence'?

Going along that line the article is part of a group of ideas that people management is more important than technical skills. Both can be taught but our teaching skills are better at the technical. Maybe that's why knowledge is hoarded, damaging a company. In those smelly, fuzzy hippy companies where people, you know... have a good team feeling dare we admit the potential is better there?
- or is that just trendy to say that?

  Like I say, need more info. It is out there but engineers don't like to admit it. It's good to just say how you feel without feeling inhibited - just totally honest. You should be able to do that at the same time as being good and fair. It's not an easy skill to learn. Women and gay men do a better job? Maybe but can be pretty catty too.
It's a real joy to meet people who are both technical and socialable. Even more a joy to be at ease with those people so you can just get on well. People who listen, and where you can treat each other rudely but we all know it's OK.

I do agree with the article that the idiot treatment is a marker - they're not saying anything more than that.

My own view - treat a weak member positively, everyone has something to give. And fire them if that's the right decision.

Comment: 2 intrepretations (Score 1) 207

by jago25_98 (#47128367) Attached to: UPS Denies Helping the NSA 'Interdict' Packages

The only thing in the statement of possible value is that UPS don't break security for just anyone. Well, isn't that expected... law and part of conditions of posting? If not, then there is possibility of interpreting this statement at face value.

However, if secure postage in terms of the law is guarenteed anyway then this statement says _nothing_. And if a statement says nothing then the purpose is clear - they are desperately trying to sub communicate under a gag order. Trying hard to highlight the problem to those who can read between the lines to bring attention to the economic damage gag orders are having to the economy.

I don't know if UPS ensure any security of packages so I don't know which it is - maybe you do.

Comment: Building bridges (Score 1) 348

by jago25_98 (#46971607) Attached to: China May Build an Undersea Train To America

Let me add to this with a reminder for readers.

China first started making things for other countries as a mode of defense thousands of years ago.

Instead of spending money on standing armies, resources are spent on supporting economic dependence from other countries. This is more efficient. It is also less open to abuse.

The USA points out that this defensive move can be abused. It can be - but at cost. At least it is skewed towards the defensive. I'm not saying to be complacent. China plans 100's years ahead while we only have rich families planning ahead. America is not a million miles away with the petrodollar.

Propaganda or not, the poetic image of literally building a bridge between east and west (which are currently in economic war over natural gas in Ukraine) should not be lost in this discussion.
My god, how can that be overlooked? What are we to miss that!?

When you don't know what to do, walk fast and look worried.