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Comment: Improve the delivery/preservative method and it's (Score 1) 586

by jago25_98 (#46750811) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

Can't we just agree that the preservative and delivery method needs to be improved? Vaccines are one thing but the way they are packaged is another. If the vaccine is delivered to the body without the need for heavy metals then this sorry argument could be put to bed.

  It's not about the vaccine, it's the packaging that's an issue here.

Comment: Water, warmth (Score 1) 733

by jago25_98 (#46739693) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

From mobile life, major immediate problems encountered:

- staying warm and healthy
- moving around; fuel
- clean water, staying clean

These are major, major problems. If you've lived in a campervan for any amount of time, lived in a swat, a yacht or on the street you'd know it. Desalination is too inefficient. Carrying the water in a squat is the biggest chore. Bums are usually dirty.

Electric is less of a problem these days.

Other stuff beyond this is more interesting - can anyone locally remember how to be a blacksmith or carpenter? That kind of thing. But you can muddle through it because it's not an immediate problem that's killing you. The water, warmth, fuel thing is the big problem.

  Maybe it's not so far fetched either. There's a war breaking out over fuel right now on the edge of Europe.

Main things I think to learn are how to stay warm without heating and how to clean water.

Most of the professions are surely going to go out of the window-irrelevant. Would hobbiests come to the fore or is that disillusion dreaming?
Poor people are going to be best suited to this. Anyone who knows how to sew their own socks. So to that matter then the less professionally successful then could that be a good thing? It's difficult to simulate, we'd have to look to history. If someone is successful in a company environment then there's an advantage there to organise people - no change there?

Comment: Is upgrade to win7 a fix? (Score 1) 423

by jago25_98 (#46708623) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Preparing For Windows XP EOL?

Is an upgrade to Win7 in these kinds of situations really any fix? Likelihood is that we'll see the same situation come round again in a few years time.

Sometimes it's possible to skip a whole stage, for example, NT to Win7.

That's the logic anyway, for people who don't trust the upgrade cycle, usually burnt from vendor lock-in.

Comment: Similar in Spain. (Score 2) 319

by jago25_98 (#46690315) Attached to: SF Evictions Surging From Crackdown On Airbnb Rentals

The market clearly wants to move in direction on this one. When the market is restricted in one area it flows out in another. So where will the money flow instead? AirBNB needs to assist in automatic tax collection.

We have the same problem in Spain. Millions of people bought homes here and have been subletting them to cover the cost. Then the hotel licensing law became enforced and this has helped depress the market even more.

This effects everyone including myself in a number of ways even though I don't own a home.

I am in Spain for 6 months a year, 2 months at a time. As a result of this 3 month law I have to live in hostels estranged from the local population. I want to buy a place but factoring in being unusable to use my home for what I want, such as renting out when I'm not there, I will only pay 40% less the previous prices.

This is really crashing the market even harder than it already is. People, the market are trying to come up with ways to survive and they're being crushed at every turn - just like like in Argentina.

There comes a point when people have nothing left to lose - I see a lot of homelessness and squatting now in the empty houses. People are ready to change these rules through violence.
With the financial switcheroo in the world this is only going to become more common. I suggest studying criminality so at least you are prepared when you finally can't play by the rules any more.

Comment: Android etc showed me customisation isn't a big de (Score 1) 503

I've played ages ago. But that was then and now
bored of that. So just want things to work. Still like to play but more interested in other things now. For me Android showed me how it can be and since then I don't want to play with interfaces.
I don't customise my phone anymore, I don't even play games.
I don't know... just prefer more interesting projects now

Comment: the case for preferential treatment (Score 1) 628

by jago25_98 (#46019907) Attached to: 200 Dolphins Await Slaughter In Japan's Taiji Cove

Agriculture, specifically intensive farming is of course greater impact then this. That is true. So in that sense why bother with this?

Here's why. Its not good for our well being. If we treat animals with brutality then is it no surprise that our enemy in war shows no mercy?
With farming the whole thing is hidden from us from birth to packet. That doesn't make it OK but it does reduce the damage to us.

But critically it can be argued that WE are semi aquatic marine mammal and these animals are close relatives since we moved out of the sea... Taking in the psychology are they closer to us than apes - our fat distribution matches theirs not an apes. We have the dive reflex.

You can say dolphins are cute but isn't that for a reason? A conversation with a dolphin is easier than a cow. Our ease of compassion is due to them being similar to ourselves.

Really its best to observe the ratio of canines vs masticating teeth under your nose - eat meat appropriately - sometimes, not all the time.

Comment: Urbanisation? (Score 1) 635

by jago25_98 (#46007193) Attached to: U.S. Teenagers Are Driving Much Less: 4 Theories About Why

Motivation for me in Europe, in order:

lack of city parking,
cost of fuel,
getting ripped off by garages on jobs too big for me to do myself,
hirecar cheapness in general,
folding bicycles

I think also bigger cities are a factor. For anyone living in a city a car is more of a pain. It really divides people into countryside people and city folk.

As an aside... guys making the rules in the cities and capitals especially have absolutely no idea what it's like to wait for a bus in the countryside that never comes. Outside the city (which almost always are horrible places I don't like to be...) the car is nearly always completely indispensable. Suggestions of bicycles and non self maintainable batteries are so out of touch of non urban living.

Comment: cat /dev/urandom /dev/audacity would be nice (Score 1) 383

by jago25_98 (#45836661) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Command Line Interfaces -- What Is Out There?

Great question.

Bitcoin: , GoxCLI
Calandar; 'cal'
wget, curl with cut, grep & awk
mplayer... with acsii output, transcode,
irc bots such as malware command and control interfaces - are there benign examples?

There are very few financial command line tools. It's strange but there doesn't seem to be a way to buy or sell securities, forex or futures.

Can anyone tell me why you can't |pipe| GUI programs....? Why can't you pipe audio live from /dev/urandom from a terminal to audacity for example?

Comment: absolutely (Score 1) 841

by jago25_98 (#45636311) Attached to: Employee Morale Is Suffering At the NSA

but let me finish that with stating the obvious, when obvious needs stating: ...and if you can't answer with an waterproof convincing answer then you have to stop doing what it is you're doing.

But what you don't do is whine about how ungrateful people are for the work you do when you've abused power. Can't really blame all on the NSA though - power will always be abused so it should not be given and instead processes to prevent it engineered.

Comment: Remember the AmigaFormat laughs? (Score 1) 90

I bought last months LinuxFormat and it had really lost it's soul. The magazine seemed to have already died a few months before.

The main thing about LF 2-5 years ago was the humour. I think there was some kind of handover from AmigaFormat where you had guys like JonoBacon taking over. The big thing though was that it had a sense of humour. It was very funny, and in a British way too. That made it stand out from everything else, only Micromart sometimes had something a bit like this but that's been inconsistent.

Jono Bacon went on to Ubuntu as community manager and also wrote Art of the Community (which I'd like to point out is currently down from ~£40 to £4 on Amazon!). Kind of a shame the old crew aren't back together in entirety. I hope this new project can grab the attention.

I can see lots of people talking about the community donation aspect but for me the first thing that struck me was that this could have elements of the LinuxOutlaws style humour to it too. That would be great but it's no guarantee.
  Having a community involvement in any way makes the whole thing that more interesting.

By the spirit of RMS I bless this project

Comment: Funding opportunity (Score 1) 234

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Many might think "problem"...
    I think "opportunity"!

I've written before how the archive can do a lot more than it presently does. For a start, it could be used as evidence. So how do we make money out of this? Well, the archive only goes so far in what it stores. If there is a page that we want to be stored for longer and more securely then we should be able to pay for that. More securely? How's about paying for it to be backed up to a p2p network, similar to SatoshiProof. You then charge a small fee extra for the service.

Of course, you could do the same for following or not following robots.txt but this is closer to messing with the integrity of

Just make sure this upper tier in the 2 tier system is genuine new functionality.

Comment: Tough at the top. So imagine a higher top. (Score 1) 926

by jago25_98 (#45383197) Attached to: Where Does America's Fear Come From?

I've been poor (but I was not), and I've been what I thought was rich. This is what I'd say about fear.

To answer this question one source of inspiration could be high stakes investment psychology. The more you have the more you fear to lose. The more you fear, the more you fear to lose. Arrogance blinds us to reality.

Fear of an easy life?
It's tough at the top.

So.... dream of a higher top.

Never put off till run-time what you can do at compile-time. -- D. Gries