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Comment Re:Do you have to click on the ad? (Score 1) 235

I read the article all the way through, and it SEEMS like you have to click on the ad in order for it to infect you. They don't specifically come out and SAY this, though. So, is this the case? Does not clicking on ads keep you safe? I thought just having a flash ad download and execute on your machine was enough, or are we not talking about this? There are references to "hardened landing pages" that infect the users, so WTF is up with that?

The funny part is that the malware installed is used to install click-fraud bots on infected machines, so the ad networks and/or end clients themselves are the ones being screwed out of money.

How do you not-click an ad that takes up the entire screen with a transparent hotspot?

Comment Re:is the problem not ADOBE FLASH? (Score 1) 235

please forgive my ignorance, if my prejudice is in any way misguided, but i am under the impression that the attack vector, in actual fact, is flash, as i cannot see how a simple image, or even a "normal" video, could possibly compromise a target machine, whereas i understand adobe is full of holes, deliberate or otherwise.

or, to put it another way, i've never seen a machine compromised, to date, after wiping adobe (hack, spit) from the system.

while i'm at it - am i correct to believe the company was actually responsible for jailing a man, a foreign national, without charges, for well over a year, in direct response to his having exposed the insecurity of an adobe "security" mechanism?

You are forgetting a whole class of those malware attempts (not ads, ads are just a subclass of malware) that masquarade as parts of windows, updates, parts of anti-virus programs, nVidia driver updates, etc. You know, the ones that old people can't quite figure out so they click anyway just to be sure.

You don't need a security hole if you can convince the user the malware is legit and should be installed.

The thing is, that type of festering garbage comes through the SAME ad network as the ads for the newest iPhone

It's getting to the point where I am going to have to teach my parents that nothing ever should be clicked on if it happens while they are web browsing. Sitting there looking at MS Word documents, sure, it's probably legit. On a web site somewhere (doesn't matter which one) then no, not legit and is an infection attempt.

Comment Re:Being wrong will bring more changes than right (Score 2) 271

Well, it better be "significant enough" to be the difference in a statewide election. If it's not, or if it's real, then all the research will have done is shown those republicans where they have over saturated some areas and it's time to redraw some lines. My guess, is that's the worst case scenario for the "researcher" and that if it is legit we'll never hear from the again.

Wait. Are you saying it's appropriate to "redraw some lines" based on what party won a district?

Corrupt much?

Comment Re:Really? (Score -1, Troll) 271

> 'a statistically significant' pattern where the percentage of Republican votes increase the larger the size of the precinct.

The larger the precinct in geographical terms, the more spread out the population. The more spread out, the more rural, the more rural, the more Republicans per capita. Where's the problem here?

And she's relying on polls as the baseline.

Last election, lots of people realized they didn't want to talk to obama's cronies and told them to fuck off.

I am not seeing anything that screams voter fraud in KS. Shitcago on the other hand...

Votes are supposed to be secret, her assumption based on bullshit lies that something is wrong is not a good enough reason to let her see everybody's vote.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 586

It seems to me that more and more people are exhibiting symptoms of being allergic to modern life and all its complexities, technology very much included. But in this case I'm thinking more and more that it's just the kid not wanting to go to school, so he latched on to this mysterious ailment (that he probably read about on the internet) and is playing it for all it's worth. His parents, being totally incapable of conceiving on their precious little snowflake actually faking anything like this, is going Great Guns over it. Or, perhaps, they're scumbags and are trying to cash in through litigation on something they sold their kid on. Either way: Occams' Razor.

Allergic? No.

Seeing everybody else whine about something and get coddled, rewarded, given money or status because of it... yes. I assume a lot of it is "let's get some money out of it using lawyers" or in the case of africa "let's get some money in hush money / bribes."

It's the rotting of integrity in modern culture, not allergies.

Comment Re:Unfortunately (Score 1) 467

They don't care fuck about what you do in your country. They are doing it because your country (and the US) is doing things in their country.

If you are going to spout this stupid lie. Do it while not being an Anonymous Coward. It MIGHT get a little more traction then. As such, the muzzies themselves SAY why they are doing it and it's not "because meddling."

Comment Re:The real message is lost on you (Score 0) 467

Wow, yet another Canadian who heartily enjoys looking down on Americans. You know, if I didn't know so many Canadians in real life, I'd think most of them were douchebags like you. You prejudiced types are very vocal and visible online, and it gives your country a bad name.

Hint: in the future, avoid the "citified" insult, it sounds a hell of a lot like you're racist against inner city African-Americans.

Look at a population map of America's hat sometime. They are all snuggled up (in their cities, I might add) next to the neighbor to the south they all say they despise.

Canada. America's pet Brit.

Comment Re:Police state San Jose (Score 1) 258

The first thing any self-respecting car thief does is remove/replace the plates. So this pretty much is all about gathering data, and nothing to do with reducing crime.

...And what do they do then?

Put a stolen plate on it perhaps?

How long do you think they drive around without a plate?

If the lookups of plates includes listings of stolen plates (a slower reported, but just as common even if not moreso) then they'll get people who steal plates for their car to get the tags on them too.

Your cute little attempt at poking holes in things fails if you can't project a concept forward more than one step.

Comment Re:I would laugh so hard... (Score 1) 105


However, the PDE4B-inhibited mice also showed less recall of a fearful event after several days than ordinary mice

That would imply the mice have trouble learning not to play with cats. Not good for continued species survival.

It seems like it's not "smarter" it's "more optimistic."

If you are a mouse, making a mistake is often your last one. There's going to be lots of stuff in mouse behavior that makes them not do stuff that might be a mistake but also might be a benefit because the benefit is food, sex, or water or something and the mistake is death.

It might be an interesting data point to find out how humans with this gene behave verses ones that done have that gene.

Comment Re:There is no way this looks good. (Score 5, Insightful) 142

Meanwhile, Real IT Pro's know there's a tremendous shortage of real Talent out there, and it has gotten so bad companies can only stumble upon people who know what they are doing. Everyone else just kinda passes as somewhat knowing what they are doing.

I am not surprised at all this tired old lie would show up as an anonymous first post in a thread like this.

Pay more, more will come. Very simple. Why would anybody bother to learn / earn experience for your shit-pay job? Your problem is YOU.

Comment Re:E-Vent (Score 3, Interesting) 161

An old trick is to write the email and not send it, or send it to yourself. That way you get some catharsis, and can send a more civil email later (or no email at all, handle it politely in person).

Yup. This is a good strategy.

One minor point, REMOVE the email addresses from the "to" and "Cc" lines and then save it as a draft. That prevents accidental sending later (even months later.)

Most of the time, it's hard to get email messages right in tone, meaning and intent without a rant in it. Likewise, don't be stupid, that stuff hangs around forever and will be used against you more effectively than the rant could ever be...

Comment Try focusing on keeping subscribers (Score 5, Insightful) 319

If they spent their time keeping subscribers happier rather than cannibalizing subscribers of other types of service they wouldn't be losing so much.

The NUMBER ONE difference in cost between services comes from moving from one to another.

If my monthly bill didn't slowly creep up after a couple of years, I wouldn't be forced to move to something else. Instead of whoring out for "new bundles", just offer a lower price. 99% of the people moving service don't want to or have to because of coverage, but do because they can save $60 a month with a new "introductory" bundle somewhere else.

Also there is this strange resistance to allowing users to pick what they want to watch and pay for only that. Believe it or not, some people don't want four channels of QVC, and they'd rather pay the $8 for the weather channel (or whatever) instead of $22 for a bunch of shit along with the weather channel.

Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 2) 112

Isn't Twitter itself providing "material support" to terrorists?

Twitter has a long track record of allowing or encouraging violence, threats, predictions of terrorism, etc. of all kinds, but seems to have a pretty strong anti-western and anti-lawful establishment to it.

It's not OK to say "n@@@er" at all, but somehow spike lee and thousands of re-tweeters can post direct threats and addresses people supposedly George Zimmerman's relatives all over twitter.

As "do no evil" goes, twitter completely fails. The government shouldn't NEED to be involved because Twitter is taking care of it.

Hint hint, Feds, just shut ALL of twitter down until they can behave.

Maybe Computer Science should be in the College of Theology. -- R. S. Barton