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Comment "If you install x on both computers...." (Score 5, Insightful) 80 80

This is just a new way to make a very slow, very crappy network connection via unexpected hardware.

"Hacking" has SOME meaning ya dummies. It implies that there isn't a willful participant at one end and the data breech happened anyway.

Whatever this is... it isn't 'hacking'.

Comment Re:Defensive action (Score 2) 549 549

My wife and I were in a very similar situation yesterday, stopped about 1/2 a car-length behind a stopped truck. When she realized we were about to be rear-ended, she gunned it to bring us a few inches behind the truck. We weren't hit. The video doesn't indicate that the google car tried anything like that.

The problem with that approach is SOMETIMES you will avoid the crash (you did), however the rest of the time you are now in the middle of the chain of crashes. That both damages your vehicle more, and makes your insurance payout and court problems much worse. "We both hit the truck" is different than "that guy hit me and fortunately I didn't hit the truck" in court.

Cops will even give tickets out to everybody in line except the first one and now the court battle is "get your insurance payout and shut up" rather than "sue that guy's insurance because he screwed up"

Comment Re:Never heard that one before (Score 2) 504 504

And why didn't Lucas do what he did for aliens in the original trilogy: Either make them speak some alien language with subtitles, or give them some not-easily-identified accent? Jabba didn't speak like an Italian guy - he spoke in Huttese. Greedo spoke in his own tongue. Chewbacca had his growls that Han and C3P-O translated. Aliens that spoke English (Yoda, Ackbar, etc) did so without any obvious dialect. You didn't have Ackbar shouting "It's a trap!" with a French accent. Yoda didn't speak with a stereotypical Indian accent. The original Star Wars trilogy did alien-speak right, why couldn't the prequels? (Not saying that this would have fixed all of the prequels' problems. Their issues go far deeper than offensive alien accents. Still, it would have been one less thing to cringe at.)

The target audience of the newer movies is a lot younger.

The folks that buy toys and games and collector cups and all that.

Do you think Star Wars (a new hope) was targeted toward kids originally? It wasn't, but it turned out to have tremendous appeal to kids. One they couldn't count on reproducing.

So they had to put in some slapstick comedy to keep the interest (or so they thought), they couldn't use other languages and count on the audience reading subtitles fast (because they aren't that good at reading), and they had to put in obvious game leading sequences like the robot factory and the pod race to kick off the video games.

Those awful aspects of the newer movies were put there because Lucas thought he could make more money with them there. Why risk being accused of racism by doing racist stuff? What we are seeing is incidental changes as the result of making the movies more marketable to KIDS because kids will spend more MONEY on the stupid shit.

Comment Re:Not the full picture... (Score 1) 285 285

It won't be until autonomous driving starts to drastically reduce the population that owns cars before you see significant decline in road use.

Autonomous vehicles that aren't owned by individual drivers (or rather, passengers) would increase road use. With the current situation, a driver drives from origin to destination and the car stays at the destination until the driver returns. With automation, the vehicle drives from origin to destination and then continues to the next trip origin. Unless, for every trip from point A to B, there's always somebody already at point B that wants to go to point C (as opposed to somebody at point C that wants to go to point D), the autonomous, no-passengers drive from B to C will be a net increase in road use.

What autonomous driving will really reduce is the need for parking.

Uhhhh... no.

You sound like a city slicker. The thought of sharing a vehicle with some nasty assed illegal bedbug wearing drunk is what keeps people from using cabs, if you think their 90k autonomous car is going to be shared you are whack.

MAYBE the car will be sent to a regional or local parking location, but at that point you are losing the cargo and staging capability of it, as well as the ability to decide to leave at a moment's notice.

What you are talking about is autonomous PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION which, only has use in dense urban environments where the costs aren't tremendously upside down.

Since we are talking about PUBLIC transportation, then it should be a bus or van-sized vehicle and use a regular route.

Comment Re:Mixed Feelings (Score 1) 66 66

I'm not sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, yes, trojans are bad. But on the other hand, anything that negatively impacts advertisers can't be all that bad.

My first thought was "yeah, I wonder if i can get this in a non-malicious form to fuck advertisers while suppressing those ads visually"

Whatever happens with the internet next, it'll be much better off with click farm, click bait, advertisements all over and all that.

For you naysayers, look what happened to Slashdot when it got corporatized. Ok, Fark, Redit, Image Shack, Usenet, etc. etc.

Comment Re:What would Monderman say? (Score 1) 203 203

The ideas for changes they are describing go a long way towards making them more like eastern europe or soviet roads.

I suggest you go over to youtube and search for "russian car crash" and view a couple hours of video in the results.

Then come back and explain how fewer, and less defined rules will make things safer.

Comment Re:Amen brother! (Score 1) 424 424

Google has explicitly said that they weigh search results to focus on sites that are friendly to smart phones.

So If I am trying to fix a an old computer I won't actually see a fix immediately because the fix might be on a snitz forums 2000 that will never ever be on a mobile phone.

... IF the user is searching with a smart phone. They don't do any of that weighing if the searcher isn't using a mobile device.

Read the fine print.

Comment Re:Amen brother! (Score 1) 424 424

You can also click the little globe button to the right of "search tools" to get unpersonalized results.

They need to go the opposite way with this as well.

A little control panel that allows the user to select what stuff they want to see in ads, what stuff they want to see in searches ("I work in XYZ industry") or a table of sample sites of stuff I NEVER intend to be looking for.

They would get a better ad-profile (which I would block of course) but users would get better and faster searches in return.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 180 180

"The Russian government is responsible for shooting down a passenger jet and murdering hundreds of people."

Not only the Russian government: "Iran Air Flight 655 was an Iran Air civilian passenger flight from Tehran to Dubai. On 3 July 1988, the aircraft operating this route was shot down by the United States Navy guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes. ... All 290 on board, including 66 children and 16 crew, died."

Yup, and the US admitted they did it.

The soviets are still lying about their little incident.

Comment Re:I wouldn't expect this to be a problem for long (Score 0, Flamebait) 298 298

Some artists have been helping people in areas being targeted by US drones to create large canvas images of some of the victims and lay them flat on the ground. That way as the drone flies over and targets the area the operator will see the face of a child who was previously murdered in a similar scenario. The idea came about because drone pilots describe their targets as "bug splats", and this is a way to hopefully connect them to their potential victims in the way soldiers deployed on the ground are forced to.

Maybe that and other efforts to make pilots aware of what they are doing and how it really isn't a game, that they are killing real people when they push those buttons, is having an effort. Of course they would never admit that, hence the excuse.

Yup, cuz we all know it's much preferable to see the results of what the dead guys would do to our malls, airports and schools up close in person in a few years if left alone.

Take your pacifist garbage somewhere else. You need to get used to the fact the religion of peace is coming to kill you, behead your sons, and rape your daughters. It's already happening to the soviets and various other European countries, it'll happen here. You are probably the same sort of drooler that complains about Pamela Geller exercising her free speech too aintja?

Anyway, the airfarce needs to pay more attention to the meta data of their resources and predict that a lump of guys taken on to run drones will peter out when they are up for retiring from the airfarce.

Next, they need to hire GAMERS who are used to strapping on a war face for 10 hours at a time every day. Hell, some of them would probably do that stuff for FREE. (Provided cheetos, mountain dew, and hot pockets are available in the break room.)

Just like the Army made a game to simulate being in the army, the airfarce needs a game that's all about being a drone pilot.

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