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Comment: Re:Patent Troll (Score 1) 74

by jafiwam (#49452297) Attached to: Amazon Gets Approval To Test New Delivery Drones

Amazon wants to patent a bunch of random "done with a drone" type stuff

Except SCOTUS invalidated those kind of combination patents in KSR v Teleflex. You cannot get a patent for doing an old thing in a new way, unless there is something truly innovative.

Except, the patent office is still approving and enforcing those types of patents. Maybe the courts and the guys over there should talk more.

Heck, on slashdot, RIGHT NOW, there is an article about a fight invalidating a patent for a brief sound recording "on the internet" in the form of a podcast having a patent fight.

That court ruling means nothing.

Comment: Re:Lets encrypt (Score 1) 104

by jafiwam (#49428133) Attached to: Google Let Root Certificate For Gmail Expire

That is the sort of Job description that's destined to fail and I would settle for some software that tracks domains, SSL certs etc and notifies (with an off switch when I want something to die) me when things need to be renewed. If you rely on the upstream provider, you end up renewing too much.

Perhaps it's time that SSL libraries provided warnings should the date of expiry come close - say 6 months. Then the SSL library will return a warning along the lines of "The target's SSL certificate will expire in less than 6 months (5 months 30 days 21 hours ...)". If users started getting messages about it they'd bring up a storm to get those certs renewed. And I think 6 months is probably plenty of time to account for someone in charge to notice and start a bureaucratic process to get it renewed.

And if browsers displayed it, well, users will report their browsers are displaying some yellow gobbledegook about the website.

Google is more interested in their browsers display some yellow gobbledygook about certificates not being on file at their preferred "Public Audit Records" authority. A new standard not meant to be implemented yet. Or, they'll just take the little lock symbol away in newer versions while everybody else follows the actual rules.

Google is big enough to be stupid, and arrogant at the same time. Congrats, assholes.

Comment: Re:Astronaut-booze (Score 1) 421

by jafiwam (#49410359) Attached to: Powdered Alcohol Banned In Six States

if you want to carry this, you end up carrying more weight. you need to carry this, the binder and water too. freeze dried is sort of a lie, that's not really what was done to it.

just carrying margarita mixer powder and vodka would get you easier and with less to carry.

basically the only advantage to palcohol is potentially eating it, because there is no weight saving. it's not like pure spirits get any lighter, they're already pure(everclear). vodka is pure with water and the water you need to carry to hiking probably anyways.

just take a plastic bottle of vodka. or a baggie of vodka.

You know, your "ideas" would carry more weight if you knew what kind of liquor goes into a margarita.

Here's a hint. WATER FILTER. --- see, if you inspect that closely, you can figure out where the error in your thinking is.

Comment: Re:DRTFA (Score 1) 143

Because there is clearly a high level and consistent level of loss each and every year as is quite clear from the graphs. So that ends your theory... Happy now? Thought not... But perhaps its time to advocate for doing something about it rather than trying to argue nothing MIGHT be wrong because of some infinitesimally small chance that the results are incorrect.... Like the GW deniers do...

Or, it could be now that people have realized that fires are natural part of forests, and stopped trying to stop all of them... i.e. managing the forests more like Ma Nature does and THAT means more fires happened recently.... thus less "forested" land exists due to it being properly managed.

Sorry dude, hippy bullshit is hippy bullshit. Let me guess, they want money and for all of us to get their magazine, and vote for their guy. Right? (rolls eyes)

Comment: Re:I hope this is a april fools. (Score 2) 187

by jafiwam (#49390449) Attached to: Amazon Moves "Buy Now" Into the Physical World, With the Dash Button

These have no reason to exist. They will just create more electronic wastes, not to mention the manufacturing cost. A simple app for smartphones would've done the same thing, and more.

But that's not the same. When you're reaching for the detergent and notice that it's almost empty, you may not have your smartphone with you, and even if you do, you probably don't want to stop and launch the app so you can order more detergent, you'll just try to remember to order it next time you're at your computer. Though if you had a button right there on the cabinet, then you'd probably hit it right while you have the empty detergent bottle in your hand.

Admittedly this seems like unnecessary overkill, but it is definitely difference than a smartphone app and I can see why some might find it useful.

They will just create more electronic wastes, not to mention the manufacturing cost

Many people would say the same about smartphones and their (mostly) 2 year obsolescence schedule.

If you are like me, you'd need a rack of these things in the shower. That seems to be the only place I think of certain tasks... always forgotten by the time I get out.

Comment: Re:Good Luck (Score 2) 331

by jafiwam (#49358039) Attached to: Amazon Requires Non-Compete Agreements.. For Warehouse Workers

In any case, you would need Amazon to actually enforce it. While they do have more money for legal fees, they would risk a big PR issue if they tried to prevent some guy from working at Walmart after quitting Amazon. Also, the first guy with such a problem wouldn't have a lot of trouble finding someone to help them with legal fees, if only for the publicity.

This is probably just a scare tactic, to discourage people from leaving them, it is unethical, but not really enforceable.

More likely, it's a case of megalomania of some middle manager somewhere. Some guy read the article about Facebook "stealing" methods for data centers and thinks the stuff "they invented" in the company is intellectual property worth billions and tries to "protect his ideas."

The non-competes I have experience with were always some big ego douchebag somewhere, not a real business need. It might be different in some industries, but random software consulting companies just don't need it. Yeah, you can be protective of client lists and such, but how to go about the job?

Comment: Re:Beware the incoming LART (Score 1) 122

by jafiwam (#49353187) Attached to: Amazon Announces Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans

Say 210 watts system power at the wall. 5000 watts a day. Say $0.20/kWh. That is $1/day. No biggie? That's almost $400 a year. Per server. You claim how many? Funny how one under states power/CPU use but over states the rest. Who you lying for?

Amazon gives you infinite store for $60 a year.

That is why America rulez! and the Greeks druelz!

And if he pays for electric heat, some of that comes back in the form of not needing to heat as much. Even in summer time, sin ome places the basement is too cold to use as living space without heating it.

As usual, do the math and decide for yourself it it works for you.

Comment: Re:Careful, they might shoot back (Score 1) 336

They obviously don't care if a person succeeds or not. They only want their name in the media. They share the PR school of Miley Cyrus. They want articles saying that they are attacking people on the mainland US. That will help them win or loss. They want to project international power.

They don't care about the past (destroying ancient Assyrian artifacts) and they obviously don't care about the future (declaring war on the world, killing huge chunks of the population in their area). They only live in the now. The question isn't if they will succeed in their goal. The question is, how long will they be around to annoy / terrorize / kill us all.

They quite literally think they are bringing on the end of days as is in their literature.

Why worry about a few petty details if your goal is "end of the world"?

Comment: Re:Fuck those guys (Score 1) 569

That makes a new loop hole: Cop wants someone dead. Cop makes an anonymously swatting call. Cop goes in knowing it's fake and kills the person he wants dead. Cop gets off free.

The police are the ones doing the shooting, not the caller. The cop always has final say if he should pull the trigger or not. Any cop shooting someone else should always be held accountable for that shooting. Most shootings are justified, some are not.

There are already laws against false reports. They should be strengthened.

Something similar to this actually played out recently.

The home owner ended up shooting and killing the right cop (the one with the grudge) and got off. Apparently the other cops didn't like the dead guy much so there wasn't a big rally to hang the innocent home owner.

Comment: Re:WTF AM I DOING HERE! (Score 1) 109

by jafiwam (#49312559) Attached to: New Alzheimer's Treatment Fully Restores Memory Function For Mice

Presumably this would be done in a sterile room and that the patient would need to be cleared for any potentially hazardous bacterial infections and the such.

They noted that the BBB is restored within a few hours. Assuredly not a 100% safe treatment to be sure, but that's hardly new in medical science (think of all the potential side-effects listed with every medication. Never mind things like full body irradiation as prep for bone marrow transplants, cutting up (or even out) pieces of the brain to reduce seizures and so on.)

Sometimes the cure is worth taking some risks. Of course "sometimes" isn't the same as "always" and it would need to be determined case by case based on the patient's other co-existing conditions, the will of the family, financial situation, etc.

They are using sound waves. It may be non-invasive and require little more than shaving the target point and applying a lubricant to the skin.

Though, if they are going through the skull there is a VAST difference in what will get through a mouse skull from what will get through a human skull.

Opening the head up to get it done... well that's sort of going to cause other problems so the treatment won't be ethical / used due to risks elsewhere.

Comment: Re:"My bad" (Score 1) 667

by jafiwam (#49265989) Attached to: Why There Is No Such Thing as 'Proper English'

One manager was really bothered by "my bad", which used to be "my mistake". He called it "gang slang". "My bad" has slipped into common usage it seems to me. I'll avoid it around him, but he came across as a fuddy-duddy. He should be thankful people admit their mistakes, something uncommon around here.

"My bad" just doesn't mean "My mistake."

It means, "there was a mistake, and I expect to not deal with the consequences of that mistake"

It's outright dismissal of someone saying there needs to be a fix.

I am not at all surprised that the guy at your workplace doesn't like it. It's a sign his employees are not doing what they should be doing.

Comment: Re: Understanding rules looser than style guide ru (Score 3, Informative) 667

by jafiwam (#49265943) Attached to: Why There Is No Such Thing as 'Proper English'

This is really an argument about values, isn't it? Quite a lot of people want "others" (and as your post implies by referring to ebonics, the other here is typically young black people) to value what they value -- a good job in academia or business. And want them to *de*-value, literally, the form of English they have grown up using, and see it as worthless to "getting ahead". This, despite the pretty obvious fact that if you used what you describe as "formal English" in the context in which many people live, it would be detrimental to your interests, just as using ebonics would be detrimental to your interests if used in a merchant bank. It's really about an underlying desire to not want alternative value systems to evolve, in which getting ahead may mean something other than getting a good job at a corporate or institution.

As the guy doing the hiring, you had fucking better share my "values" or at least be able to fake it.

It is my experience that those that don't want to speak reasonably correct English do so on purpose, and do to set themselves apart into a different (lower) class deliberately. Those speeking Thugeese and Dinduese do so as a way of fitting in with their group. I am more inclined to let the strategy work as I am never going to want to be around someone who's main negotiating ability is over who gets to sell crack on what corner.

Speak however you want. No loss, it makes it easier to pick out the gems from the garbage.

"You must have an IQ of at least half a million." -- Popeye