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Comment Re:Guns save lives (Score 1) 281

The number of personal firearms is north of 360 ~ 450 million now.

There were something like 5 million NICS checks in January 2016. Rates have been ramping up since 2008 and records broken each month. There isn't a one to one translation for NICS to "firearms bought" but it is ballpark.

That "300 million" number has been tossed around a long time and the number is stale.

Comment Re:Militant Slashdot (Score 4, Informative) 281

That's a false comparison. Nobody carries around a hunting rifle to, in your own words, "stop a threat."

If you're claiming hand-guns are somehow a "soft" method of defending yourself, then you are sorely mistaken.

You should try to get out of the city occasionally.

The line between "pistol" and "rifle" is a fake one defined by the ATF where "designed to be fired with one hand" and "designed to be set to the shoulder to fire" is the definition. Caliber and ballistic capabilities are not included in the distinction. Then there are dimensions and other stuff tacked onto those definitions, firearms that fall out of those dimensions are AOWs (Any Other Weapon) or SBS or SBRs.

So it IS quite possible to be using a "pistol" that's basically a rifle with rifle-like ballistic results but with pistol legality (whatever that happens to be at that location.)

Comment Re:Militant Slashdot (Score 2) 281

It's about gun control, and besides, a 9mm is not for killing people. It's about stopping a threat.

9mm is almost as lethal as a .45 ACP, according to the charts. Not quite, but damned close. Hence the BHP in 9mm following the 1911...

It is if you use a modern expanding hollow point bullet with a decent weight and charge. Though, I'd be surprised if this thing could handle P+ or +P+ charges for long.

There is an outfit selling 80% Glock-clone lowers now too... which will turn out to be a FAR better firearm.

Comment Re:If any of this has been said... (Score 1) 1818

3. Don't pander to the morons - you know, the ones who see a story about a widely known open source project used by household names, and then shit up the place with, "HURR WAT DIS". Tech news. If you can't Google, you shouldn't be here.

On the other hand, there's a fine line between using technospeak mumbo jumbo language only relevant for some small sliver of some small OSS project where no explanation is given about what the heck the article is about and spoon feeding people a back story on basic physics that they should already know on some NASA project. They don't need to link to a Wikipedia article about what a lifting body is, but on the other hand a HDFOJ nozzle chroming chamber should be explained or at least linked in the submission.

Recent years have submissions that need Googling for acronyms, terms, company names, etc. where it's just simply sloppy submission writing and sloppy submission editing. Those should stop. The submission should be enough for the user to decide to read or not. If it isn't, it sucks, or it's click bait or it's not finished.

Editors should simply press a "we like it but the writing sucks" rejection button that sends feedback to tell people they suck and to get people to actually put effort into the original submission. They'd be able to edit and re-submit. Realistically, the burden is both on editors and submitters, but the submitters seem to be getting an undeserved pass on this issue.

Basically, the editors need a big red pen and smiley face stickers.

Comment Re:Shutter "Ask Slashdot" (Score 1) 1818

The comments on this site are occasionally funny, frequently snide, but all too often terrible--and that's without the trolls who spam the same thing on every story. The worst is when some well-meaning soul asks a question and the first two responses ridicule him before the third takes a tangent, igniting a holy war that completely derails the topic. For that reason, I never read Ask Slashdot because the question never gets answered. Now, I anticipate the jackals who frequent this site will begin tearing me a new one. Have at it, guys.

You can change your settings so you don't see them. If you bother to get an account and log in.

On the other hand, Ask Slashdot is one of the better sections as it is a reflection of what people are thinking / doing... often nerdy stuff like we all want here. But, true, people do ask stupid or have un-workable, contradictory, or impossible projects and THOSE people really should be told "what you are doing is unethical or impossible" when the situation warrants.

In short, don't click on those submissions.

Comment Re:Can we get an explanation on who gets mod point (Score 1) 1818

Yes we need to be more transparent about this

There are two ways rules will get you what you want.

First one is, obviously, they form a rigid framework that everything fits into.

The second is, that it encourages people to do more of what you want!

Not being transparent about it, completely ignores the second aspect... one which in my opinion is likely to be more powerful.

Comment Re:It's the financial models, stupid! (Score 1) 1818

Forgot about that penalty point for the long comment. Due to my own verbosity, I obviously think that should be an option of the user, not the system.

Or at least there should be a warning when you've triggered it, eh?

All this talk of SJWs and you want to add a "trigger warning?" ;)

The "read the rest of this comment" link has had some issues, it used to open up just that thread branch (in the same window, when it should be a new window or tab) and do other crazy shit. One thing is for sure, "new window or not" is a UI issue that has been long ignored (and fucked up) by the previous owners.

I stopped using that link, and just skip the rest of the comment. Some people are too verbose.

Though, I would like to have a site-wide setting of "truncate long posts" Yes/No so I can just turn it off. I have a mouse wheel and a PgDn button, I don't need help.

Comment Re:Enforce login to post (Score 1) 1818

You need to remove moderation power from users and take responsibility for the site content if you want to do this.

I once registered here and posted something perfectly reasonable and was banned from posting by other users. I have never registered since. The user moderation system is abused horribly to push agendas and silence opposing views.

That's not how the moderation system works.

Comment Re:True Story... (Score 1) 1818

I see the value of making them log in where "kill all the jews" becomes a daily, boring, no value adding AC comment that people have to spend their mod points to filter out.

When staff could simply kill the user account and they are gone for a while.... so nobody has to bother dealing with it.

Comment Re:Overhaul comment system. (Score 1) 1818

That IS a good idea.

Plus, the refresh see to see new comments at the top would work for more ads results of that would benefit the site owners somewhat, and people would be doing it willingly.

There's a happy medium between total ad block (where I am at now) and "that ad was useful and it didn't pop up in my face"

Also, if Slashdot EVER takes over my whole browser window, darkens the whole page, and shows me some fucking bullshit notice, I am out of here.

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