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Comment Re:Tsk. And they wonder where employee loyalty wen (Score 1) 331 331

That's idiotic. Companies most certainly DO NOT exist "to produce profits".

Companies exist to make products or provide services. Profits are a side-effect that act as an incentive for people to form companies to provide products or services. The raison d'etre of a company is to PRODUCE something - the profits from efficient overproduction are just encouragement for those with the means to produce something of value to the rest of us.

That's silly, most investors would be perfectly happy with a company that made absolutely no products and provided no services as long as it was making an adequate return. Yes, as a society the reason we allow such activity is that it's generally beneficial to the rest of us but that's the side effect not the profits.

Can I have the secret for a company that doesn't provide any services, nor make anything to sell and still have a profit?

Comment Re:To the cloud (Score 1) 74 74

By moving everything to the cloud you're not eliminating problems, just making them someone elses problem, and enabling new ones to crop up.

He's taking 207 individual problems and making them 1 problem.
More importantly, he's taking 207 databases and putting them in 1 place, which significantly reduces the impediments to data sharing.

There are still government offices that have to print something from one system and input it by hand into a second.
Whatever we can do to get rid of that type of friction is a good thing.

Who says they're problems? Him?

Never ask the barber if you need a haircut.

Comment Re:Two sides to every issue (Score 4, Insightful) 401 401

Total BS. I'd take a American IT worker with an inflated ego over a corporate bean counter any day. I've been in the IT field since 1979, and trust me, I'm an expert in my speciality. They might be able to replace me with someone and pay then 1/2 of what I make, but they're not going to get my skillset.

Knowing what to do when things are going along swimmingly is easy. When the shit hits the fan, getting the corporate mainframe back running in minutes rather than hours, or G-d forbid days is worth every penny they pay me. I know it, the people who've been working with me for *mumble* years know it.

A bean counter, I doubt it.

The Military

The Military Is About To Get New Augmented Reality Spy Glasses 58 58

schwit1 writes in with this story about some interesting new eyewear purchased by the Defense Department. Getting secret information to specific people, like the location of the nearest nuclear power plant, in a way that doesn't draw attention from outside is a classic spy problem. Another one is giving agents the ability to match names to faces in the real world, at blackjack tables and fancy soirees and other places spies frequent. The Defense Department is buying some new spy specs to give spooks in the field an intelligence edge over everybody else. The glasses, called simply the X6, are from San Francisco-based Osterhout Design Group. They look like the lovechild of Google Glass and the Oculus Rift, providing more information to the wearer than the small window on Google's much-maligned headset but not obstructing vision like the Oculus Rift. (Admittedly, for spy glasses, they lack a certain subtlety.)

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