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Comment: Re:BT also does this (Score 1) 203

by jackharrer (#44041685) Attached to: Comcast To Expand Public WiFi Using Home Internet Connections

You connect second router (or access point) to one of LAN ports and switch on wifi power saving on the BT hub. You have access to free access points and you do not share yours. Which doesn't matter all that much as those BT WiFI and OpenZone hotspots are slow and suck donkey's balls. 3G is faster than most of them and with better coverage.

Comment: Media Centre (Score 1) 5

by jackharrer (#36344604) Attached to: Uses for a home server?

Since server is always on, use it for media centre. Put cheap video card - Nvidia G210 is more than enough and supports VDPAU. Then connect it to TV directly using HDMI or if not available (walls, server conveniently hidden, too far away, etc), use HDMI over CAT5/6 extender. Add wireless keyboard and you're set. For added fun, put MediaTomb on it, if you have some DLNA clients on the network.

+ - How to integrate multiple teams?

Submitted by jackharrer
jackharrer writes: I work for a medium sized IT company that grew up mostly due to takeovers. As expected we have now range of products that are taken care of by different teams. There is not much communication between those teams, as all of them came from different companies. Although all consultants work for the same company, people simply do not know each other. There is additional problem of consultants being home-workers, who spend most of their time at home or on-site.
I'm interested in what Slashdot community can suggest to help them integrate more. I know company can allocate some budget to it, although reasonable. Do you have experience of working in similar environment? Or maybe you have some ideas that you’d like to see if you were in such situation? Maybe you know some incentives that can bring people together?

+ - Linux/Skype supported webcam with remote control

Submitted by jackharrer
jackharrer writes: I was looking for quite a while for a webcam with physical remote. I would like to put a webcam over TV, connect it to my HTPC and be able to make a video calls using Skype. This way, webcam could stay in the same place and I could adjust it accordingly, e.g. pan and tilt into appropriate direction.
I've found many IP cameras that fulfill the requirements, but although supported in Linux, don't work with Skype. From USB webcams there is Logitech Orbit, although it uses software for pan/tilt.
Does anybody have working setup like that? What camera do you use? I need to stress that Skype is the only option, as much as I would like to go for some FOSS solution, it will not happen.

Comment: Re:30 inch HP LP3605 here @ 2560x1600 (Score 1) 952

by jackharrer (#31951904) Attached to: HDTV Has Ruined the LCD Market

I also find it annoying. If you add that thick bar in Win 7, and then Ribbon from Office and some assorted stuff like window borders and status bar, there is suddenly no space to do any work. That is so ridiculously silly. I cannot call it progress, rather walking backwards.

Then there is netbooks' 1024x600. Thanks to MSFT for mandating max specifications for netbooks.

Comment: Re:Answer: Yes (Score 2, Informative) 631

by jackharrer (#31564938) Attached to: Multicore Requires OS Rework, Windows Expert Says

>>What we need is a "you don't want to use C: right now, trust me" signal. Ever tried to use Firefox while copying something big? Why does it take ages to display a webpage when it does not need to use the disk?

It only works like that on Windows. I think it's mostly about bad system design. I have no such issues on my Linux machine, but lots on my wife's Windows one. Both are the same Thinkpad laptops, so fault can only be on OS side.

Comment: Re:Most books cost less, dead trees cost more (Score 2, Interesting) 538

by jackharrer (#31032352) Attached to: Murdoch Says E-Book Prices Will Kill Paper Books

It's nice to be ripped off ;)
I always thought that Cisco should almost give you those books for free, to make more CCNAs so it would be a no-brainer for companies which hardware to buy as finding support would be easier. But in the real world...
Anyway, all technical books are like that. MCSE from MSFT is 40 quid each.

Comment: Re:Oh, no... (Score 4, Interesting) 1343

by jackharrer (#30980048) Attached to: Students Failing Because of Poor Grammar

You know what is the most terrifying?
I'm a foreigner in England and found that I know grammar and spelling better than most of my English friends. We're talking about people who passed through basic education system here, and at least half of them also through higher studies.
If you ask them about grammar, apostrophe rules or spelling they will just say they never studied this. Nobody ever though them this. Then you wonder why all this is in total shambles.

Problem is that all kids are prepared to pass those stupid tests and outside them they know jack shit. There are exceptions, but general population is similar to Idiocracy one.

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