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Comment Re:NoScript (Score 2) 94

The basic features of NoScript exist for IE since forever, you can define custom levels of trust for stuff like Javascript, cookies and ActiveX per zones, you can stick sties into trusted and untrusted with variety of customization for each. It's just that getting to that and configuring it is going to be hectic for joe6pack and no one has noticed it.

I wouldn't care about this myself if I didn't have to support IE for people who absolutely must use it. :\

Comment Re:FF == the next Netscape? (Score 1) 236

Here's a simple idea for you. When i close a tab everything associated with it memory wise should be freed. You can tag stuff when its alocated that it belongs to so-and-so tab. When the tab is closed everything, EVERYTHING, even plugins and JS get killed/freed. There. Memory leaks fixed.

Comment Re:WTF is up with /. and PayPal? (Score 1) 92

Sure there is. Remove all privacy inherent in hard cash. Don't have untraceable money. Use cryptographically sound multi-factor authentication with a ridiculous number of bits in the key.
Make "money" revoke-able so when some one looses a case in court and is required to pay money if they don't WANT to, the governing body could revoke that money as simple as pressing a button.

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