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Comment Re:What could go wrong (Score 0) 405

on the 405

On the Interstate Highway 405 "freeway" where "freeway" is a Californianism for expressway? So, that would be the part of I-405 which is a limited access highway, just as "on the Main Street boulevard" would be on the part of Main Street which is a 4-lane divided street -- but because I-405 is an Interstate Highway, that's all of it, so what do you mean? Surely you simply mean "on I-405." (Brought to you by your local grammarian. Practice safe conjugation!)

Comment Please let me informate you (Score 1, Insightful) 108

One software, two softwares, right? One hardware, two hardwares. One information, two informations. One firmware, two firmwares. Right? And when you correct someone ("it is one PIECE of software, or one PIECE of firmware"), the response is "English is a changing language" NO. Pardon me whilst I go eat some toasts.

Comment Been waiting 15.5 years for write to LDAP (Score 0) 388

Things at Thunderbird have moved very slowly. dates to June 2001 and there is still no write access to LDAP.

<rant> You really would think that it should be simple to publish existing contact lists (customer lists from a database, personal address books, and such) as LDAP - it's "lightweight" right? - but there is practically no documentation or existing code that shows how to write an LDAP server. It would be nice if Thunderbird at least could have a contacts API with their crufty internal format as a replaceable option.</rant>

Comment Mobile "apps" and the rise of the toy computer (Score 1, Troll) 75

Only mobile "apps" are permitted? Really? Why does it feel like we are headed toward outlawing running real "programs" on your own self-controlled computer? Clearly software not approved by Google or Microsoft or Apple is a national security risk. Jailbreaking a toy computer to run un-approved programs, much less write your own, will be a crime. The dumbing-down of the proletariat will be complete when everyone carries a toy computer, also known as a telescreen, that can't be turned off, oh wait, we already have that. How did we let this happen?

Comment Two problems (Score 4, Insightful) 97

1.Twitter is a walled garden, and not unlike Facebook or Instagram, don't expect them to yield control of the medium.

2. #@$@ can't this @#$#$# author @+#~~& speak @#$#@# two @#$@#$ sentences #@$#@ without @#$#$ using #@$@# profanity? Good grief. Spare us the sailor talk, or don't people know how to talk without swearing anymore?

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