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Comment: MS versus Telescreens ? (Score 2) 303

by jabberw0k (#49397341) Attached to: Microsoft Engineer: Open Source Windows Is 'Definitely Possible'
In a world where everyone is practically required to carry a telescreen which tracks them at all times, which spouts approved government "Amber Alerts" and panicky National Security Alarms -- devices which you can be imprisoned for "jailbreaking" -- will Microsoft become the lesser of the evils?

Comment: Not compliant with vi, even (Score 1) 146

by jabberw0k (#49030491) Attached to: Building the Developer's Dream Keyboard
Mod+J on this keyboard is left arrow whereas every programmer since ASCII started (1963) knows Ctrl+J is linefeed (cursor down), and Ctrl+H is backspace (cursor left). Certainly at least since the ADM-3A (1975) and the vi editor, (left,down,up,right) have been (H,J,K,L) yet this keyboard's modifiers give you those on (J,K,I,L) instead? Huh?

Comment: It's the twenty-first century (Score 2) 165

by jabberw0k (#47666807) Attached to: Why the Public Library Beats Amazon

You and Joe Biden ought to check your calendars; it's been the 21st century for well over a decade now.

Also, real libraries have old and out-of-print books, rare books, maps, art collections, local publications and artifacts, and plenty of things that are highly unlikely ever to be digitized, or which history -- and historians! -- demand be kept for the public good. In this information age, we need librarians more than ever. Get rid of libraries and you scrap civilization itself.

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