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Comment Re: WTF? (Score 1, Troll) 144 144

Why would you use a computer you cannot control? Those gadgets are neither "smart" nor "telephones" they are computers that someone else controls. In other words, Telescreens (c.f., "1984") and anyone who pays money to subsidize such insanity is an enabler of an abusive relationship.

Comment So-called "smart" so-called "telephones" (Score -1, Flamebait) 434 434

...are neither. It's not the telephone stuff you're complaining about. It's the fact that you bought a computer you cannot control. No-one with a clue about software ought to fall for being hoodwinked into this alleged "smartphone" craze which is part Big Brother, part Advertisers' Wet Dream. Listen to Richard Stallman: thirty years ago he might have sounded like a crackpot, if it weren't for how his predictions keep coming true: your freedoms are being taken one by one, and everybody just thinks how wonderful it is. Perhaps some folks will wake up.

Comment MS versus Telescreens ? (Score 2) 303 303

In a world where everyone is practically required to carry a telescreen which tracks them at all times, which spouts approved government "Amber Alerts" and panicky National Security Alarms -- devices which you can be imprisoned for "jailbreaking" -- will Microsoft become the lesser of the evils?

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